Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Facebook Feed

Facebook - Macbook- all these modern little names created by modern little men.. God! I'm a cynic! But really!!! Most of these little men probably haven't opened up a real book in their entire lives.

I think I might call myself Petebook. Petebook Cool. Great name. The most addicting component to these social networks is the one that implies the myth that we mean anything to anyone. All this crap we put up is really just to wave our arms and say Hey look at me!!!--- I am important! --- Can you see that?--- I really am important---- See world---- it's me whoopeee!!!! I'm not dead yet.

And before any nitpickers jump on their high horses and say " Yeah but you are on facebook" I say-- This is me observing-------observing the human situation---- this means all of us ---- me included.

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