Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forever young

You know the title- the latest vampire love spin which is in books and now movies. I tried to get excited. I had been told how it was different and it was great. I must see it. It's a romantic love story movie apparently about a girl and a boy. Emphasis on the girl and the boy--17 year olds apparently. But the boy is a stranger in a strange land type- he is a vampire. Girls and women love this movie. So too did my brother in law though ---- he's a true stalwart for the equality of sexes apparently and he'd read the books. Apparently it's one of those where you simply have to read the book to truly get it. It didn't seem to deserve the get it thing. It didn't seem to have anything that warranted getting it.. I must have missed something I suppose.

Now, I pride myself on my ability to engage with the feminine side of my personality. I do this without reservation and shame because it fits the artist typecast. So I should enjoy this movie or at least appear to do so. But it simply wasn't very good. It was slow and it didn't engage me. I know- I should have liked it. My girlfriend was all mushy over it. That was the best part for me. I got lots of cuddles.

The teenage girls in the room- were totally---- well, you know------ like totally!!!! They reckon the guy who plays the vampire was totally ( that word again) gorgeous. So that's all that matters.

Anyway I sat there half watching it and really enjoying the snuggle up and cuddles I was receiving- so I absolutely love this movie. See it with your girlfriend. It's great!!!

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