Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Smarts

Amazingly I remember back to early 1990's. My first serious computer was a Pentium 90 and I was so proud. It had 32 Mb of RAM. Can you believe it?

The WWW turned 20 this month. Reading this got me to thinking--------------------

I'm an artist right?

Artists are known for their vision.

Artists can see things before they happen. Right?

I basically ignored the WWW when a mate at the time showed it to me on his computer. This would have been 1993.

I was not inspired.

I was unimpressed.

I was underwhelmed.

So----------I'm not an artist.

Mind you. I was pissed at the time.

The meaning of this? I don't know. The meaning of anything? I don't know. Who knows? I dont know.

There are a lot who believe they know. But they don't.

Now we are simply so pumped up with information because of this bloody WWW thing-- we will never know anything anymore. It has even blinded artists- not that I feel I am one now.

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