Monday, March 23, 2009

Voices in the dark

In the darkness last night I was laying next to my beautiful girlfriend chatting away about how strange it was that we are now together and we were amazed at our journey through life. We had been married for over 20 years but to other people. We were talking about how it is so odd to see our ex partners in their new relationships and how they now appear to be completely healed from being the bastards and bitches they once were when we were with them. They were so caring to their new partners. They are soooo nice. You know--- friendly------caring----- courteous------polite---affectionate----witty------compliant-------flexible-------adaptable-------co-operative---attentive------and well----------everything nice and happy happy warm glowing mushy feelings on public view---- everything they never were to us in our long history together.

Then it came to me, as I lay there beside my beautiful lady. I was given insight into what it is all about. In the darkness I said- " We are just the holograms of some playful spirits from some other place". There was silence. For quite some time there was silence and then she said " Really?" Then there was another pause in the dark. We lay there some more and she said " Where did that come from?" I didn't know. I guess it came from some other place. Oh my God!!! We are holograms!!!!!

Good night.

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