Saturday, March 28, 2009

Warning: Do not buy Empire Total War

My addiction caught up with me yet again. Yep. Games addiction. I managed to drop the bad- for -your- health stuff but am still addicted to video games. So when I see a game rated unanimously as near 100% great, well I just have to go buy it no matter I have no money at the time. And because it crashed I even consider buying a new computer just to run the bloody thing on if the problem is on my aged beast. Just shows how addicted I am.

Oh well- it won't send me broke- I'm already broke- and I won't be here on this planet forever so have to experience all the games I can. And it's not really hurting anyone- it's just that I am not really achieving anything. Yes. It is a total waste of precious time not Total War.

But it feels so much fun wasting time. Aren't we here to have fun really?

But here's the kicker. The bloody game is the buggiest I have ever owned. At some point in the game- just after you are totally hooked on the fun of it- it does a CTD. I didn't know what a CTD was but because I am so modern and intelligent- I figured it out- It means Crash To Desktop. If I had dug a little deeper I would have known that. It's reported all over the web. They rush these bloody games out full of bugs and we suckers buy in good faith only to have to wait till they work out where they stuffed up. The games companies are so hungry to pull money in they just don't give a shit about their reputation or their customers. They used to do this back in the mid- nineties. Here we are in 2009 and they are still doing it. You wouldn't put up with this sort of thing with any other product. It's amazing what psychological addiction will allow in the broader community.

Do not buy Empire Total War. At this time- You are wasting your money! Shame reviewers shame! Your enticements are causing consumers great losses. Are you being paid nicely by these rogues to promote a dud?

PS- Even if you buy the boxed version from retail you must involve an external company, Steam, in the installation of this game. That in itself is dubious. They did this just to protect their precious dud from the pirates. Funny thing is from what I have read the pirated downloaded versions may run just fine. How's that- who said honesty pays?

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