Wednesday, April 29, 2009


There is a word for the phenomenon and it is Hikikomori . It means "pulling away, being confined", i.e., "acute social withdrawal" My daughter has been involving herself in corresponding to men on the internet through the various social networks. You know where this is going and I'm not going to enter any further into it on a personal level. I could get into big trouble if I do.

Anyway. I suffer a bit of it too. It's very easy now that we have these lovely repositories of our every thought and we can share these ever expanding archives with the rest of the disinterested world. Like I have done here.

But in the end no-one is interested in the banter we utter in our state of Hikikomori

And what does this mean for our future. Here's an example

Old and Ugly Part 2

Yes I am old and ugly. But I am old and ugly and thankful. I am thankful that I have been able to grow old and if ugly is part of it well, bring it on. It just proves that our attractiveness to others is made of something else. Dare I say it---- our soul. Aren't dishes a wonderful way of resolving issues for the better?

Old and Ugly

I have just been looking at the video I took whilst away on our trip to Tasmania. I have decided, Tasmania is beautiful, my girlfriend is beautiful, life is beautiful but unfortunately I am ugly. I can't stand looking at myself. I cringe every time I catch sight of myself. How did I end up so ugly?

I look at my face and it looks well worn. And I must stop smiling!. It ain't a good look. Serious is good for us ageing people. And the beanies I so avidly crochet- they look horrid. It's a shame I love crochet because the things that are useful which are made from it look totally stupid on me.

Oh God I'm ugly-- read--- much wailing and wringing of hands!!!!

I used to look so great when I was in my 20's. Well, when I say great- I was not actually embarrassed every time I saw myself in the photos of the day. It's cruel!. Never before have I had so much image capture gadgetry at my disposal but now I hate my own image. How cruel is that!!! Luckily I am mainly at the other end of the camera.

The worst part about bloody video is that it captures all of me. I can't stand my voice, I can't stand my way of moving and the way I hold myself. But do you know, the real tragic part is I can't stand what I say. It was the one thing I clutched desperately onto. In my head I think I am making all these witty comments. I think I would come across as an intelligent person who is fully entertaining. You know, the kind of person I would be proud to know. Well I'm not. I sound like a babbling old fool. Not very clever at all. Boring in fact. You know? The old codger type.

How anyone can find me attractive as a friend or especially as a lover I don't know. I reckon maybe God must put a spell on people who are near me so that they don't really get how repulsive I am.

But that bloody camera---- it never lies!!!!!

Oh well! Better clean up all these tear filled tissues and go wash some dishes. That will make me feel so much better.

Getting on the page

At last! Google have got what I'm on about here at "Overthinking" and put up more appropriate ads. Gone are the nut job and desperates ads and in with the finding God and bible bashing stuff. Now that's more like it! Start clicking them people- I need the money. I reckon I may make 10 cents out of this one day- or is this just a dream?

Friday, April 24, 2009

Somebody wrote it before me

The stuff I've been doing here on this blog is the stuff that is recommended in a book by Julia Cameron " The Artists Way" as mentioned in my earlier post. Yep- I was sucked in and scurried down to Borders and bought the book. She instructs us to write what she calls " Morning Pages". These are free consciousness writings. You start with no goal in mind and you just flow out the words and sketches. Well she says just words really. You gotta take a shit in the morning ---let out all the rubbish from the days before but by writing it all down. She reckons no-one else is supposed to read it though. Too late! A humble few have already suffered through my attempts at provocative writing and have weathered my lack of skill. Poor fools! And now that I have started doing it this way I think I may as well keep on going.

So people- you are just reading my random flow. I got an idea! You should do the same and you too can bore people just like I do. Inflicting this type of word pollution works but only for the writer. No-one else gives a shit! Too busy with their own shit.

What I would like to know is why people will pay for the ramblings (shit) of some but not others. Now that is phenomenon or skilled selling with words. With writing you gotta offer some kind of payoff for reading it in the first place. I don't do that coz I know its just my shit and of no use to anyone else. God bless the loser (me)- I gotta get some payoff for it- don't I? Then again I reckon I may be so bad at writing God is cursing me rather than blessing me. I'll keep goin' anyway- I'm a thrillseeker aren't I?

No!!! Simply another egotist.

Anyway I will keep reading the book I bought. If nothing else it tells me that I am on a path that someone ( a bestseller no less) recommends. I may have just stumbled on a way to make myself feel better about this mess we live in. I'm such a cynic!

The Truth

Look out! This is a serious posting.The truth is that the truth is personal. But that in itself is wrong because I just stated the truth and that is the truth for all not just personal. ( So sayeth me!) So the truth is the truth is the truth is the truth--------------. I may say whatever I will and call it the truth as may you. But both would be misleading because we don't really know the truth Along with God and women's minds is the truth. They are all concepts which are impossible to know, understand or grasp in any way. And how self righteous are those possessing the truth ? Very! Don't shake their tree or you will suffer the consequence big time.

Every so often however, I get a kick in the pants. It is called coincidence. But really it is beyond coincidence. An example: Yesterday I was in my favourite shop- Borders and I stumbled across a book titled The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I read through it- or rather scanned through it as we do- trying to gain as much as I could for free. It was absolutely jaw dropping. If I were to write my experiences in a book- it would be this exact same book. Now that has me thinking ( as usual). This is one book I will own only because I know it is the truth!!!!! I am great at contradicting myself.

As a Post script- the book recommends writing something every morning- this is what I do here. Don't you see? It's all fake people. We are being screwed around with. This reality--- it's full of holes!!!!! We are not the individuals we think we are! We are common. We are the same. Don't you get it?????? It's all a joke! The truth is - it is a joke!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Please, Pay Attention

As you skate across the words I have written here---------


-----------see made you stop and pay attention.

Here is am article about our problems with attention.

We don't follow what each other are saying much anymore. And we certainly don't linger over the words in people's writings. We cherry pick bits and pieces. We draw all the wrong conclusions because we don't really read or listen. We scan and skate over words in a frantic attempt to press on and keep pace with our perception of the media we use ---- and that would be electronics.

Electronics pumps us up. They put us on speed. It's their purpose. They want to blow our minds and then take over the world. It's started people!!!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hubble Trouble

The trouble with Hubble is double trouble. It shows us that there is a vastness out there in space that blows our minds but it gives us the illusion that by seeing these things we can understand more.

I was looking at a beautiful image of faraway galaxies just today and I thought ---we have no hope of ever getting it. How can we get that the universe is so - -- well, you know the shit.

Then I started thinking about the other big stuff- -----you know the stuff----- creator stuff and all that.

Then I thought ----- it's no wonder I like crochet and dishes. Man! If we had even the slightest chance of understanding the big picture I would be in with both feet. But I tell ya! What really surprises me is those people who defiantly state that they know what it's about. Those who say yeah--- there is a god or yeah there isn't a god--- they are so sure. How can anyone be so sure?

Hold onto your beliefs people--- it's all we got.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Our guest from the USA

My daughter is following in the steps of her illustrious father- and that would be me!!! She has a highly developed taste for the ordinary. Ordinary is so reliable isn't it?

Here's her latest- she has a friend over from Utah in the US. Today she has reserved something very special for him. He is going to Spotlight. Yes!!! Spotlight. For those who don't know about Spotlight it is a super store of haberdashery.

You don't get any more excitingly ordinary than that. He comes right the way round the world from Utah to see a Spotlight store in Melbourne. Such memories. Forget a trip to the top of Everest or anything for that matter. This is it. The ultimate!!!

The Deep Thoughts Brought on by Travel

I am known for my propensity to philisophical thinking. This is self evident here on my blog of course. And my travel to Tasmania has inspired some absolutely amazing bouts of jaw dropping observations. I will go into them later but let me start with the keenest of observations. My girlfriend leaves me in her dust when it comes to thinking. I now know and accept that as fact. I discovered this right in the beginning of our journey. On the plane in fact.

She noted the usual attractiveness of the flight staff. They are of course- the beautiful people- no news here- we all know that. But here's the kicker question which, when she asked it, absolutely floored me. She asked:

" What happens to all the air hostesses when they turn forty?"

We have thought about this keen question all during our holiday up until today. We were sitting here in the hills looking out over a magnificent vista enjoying conversation and a cup of tea. My astute girlfriend in conversation remarked that she had an idea of what happens to those aged air hostesses. Their flight companies put them on overseas flights just when they turn forty and at the right moment in the flight- when the ocean below is at its deepest------- they open a secret door in the back of the plane and------- well you know what happens------ I don't have to go into it.

Isn't that shockingly insightful? See what travel can do? It broadens the mind

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The plain blog

I haven't put up too many pretty pictures here on my blog. I know you all want them. Stuff reading eh?

Well tough!

I want to make you all suffer by having to actually read. I'm not going to gussy this up with all sorts of pretty little photos and graphics. It will be plain with a capital P. But it won't be simple.

If you are simple go find some pretty pictures. If you want a boring read you have come to the right place. If you are intelligent you just may understand what I am on about. And if this happens can you please write and tell me coz I wouldn't have a clue.

Enjoy your suffering.

I'm so cruel!


No eggs.I got none----- No bloody eggs.

Well how's that for a happy Easter?

That's what ya get for not goin' to church. Those religious types- they get it all. Eggs and hopeful thinking all wrapped up in one. We who are the religious paupers do manage one thing though. Lots of holidays. Even if we don't follow the big mind trip- we do get a few days off work. But then- I don't work. So really I rely on getting those eggs to make all this seem special.

Stuff it. I have a block of chocy somewhere. I'll get into a bit of that and I will feel very festive. Nope. All outta chocy. Well it's the humble fried egg for real. I don't feel anything from the consumption of eggs though. It doesn't give me a spiritual buzz. It just fills my stomach temporarily. Good enough I guess.

Easter. Some guy 2000 years ago, supposedly became a zombie. And we celebrate that? I want to stay dead when I die. Don't want people to see me rot. I want to decompose way out of view. It's a very private thing to me. Much like my beliefs. Religion. I don't get it. Is it an agreed dispensation from sanity? Well. All I wanna know is when this is going to end? When will we outgrow these obsolete ritualistic and divisive ideas? And where the hell are my Easter eggs?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Big Picture

We travelled through South Tasmania. The grandeur is mind blowing. I know where I'm heading when the rest of the World goes to hell. The toilet. Err- no--Tazzie.

Any way My girlfriend surprised me with what our destination was. We took off on a whim and the destination was kept a mystery to me. How fun!!

We have a thing for Black Swans. The place we ended up was Cygnet. What a blast!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Aren't the ads revealing?

I thought I would try my luck and get some ads on this blog to make a few cents. But now I look at them sprinkled all over my page and they are very revealing as to how my content has been assessed and pigeonholed by the Google marketing team. The ads are for the following:

Relationship Counseling
Drug counseling
Marriage counseling
Grief counseling
Meet up sites
Find love sites

By far the slant is towards troubled people who may find my writings of interest. Because you see dear readers- I am a troubled person. And by reading all this crap I write- you too are probably a troubled person.

You better stop reading my stuff straight away. Goodbye!

Holograms are real !

Gidday viewers. This note is more for me. I am sure to forget and so a note will help to remember who I am after I have written this note. It makes perfect sense to me so don't laugh.

This is a revealing article

Don't you feel like this whole life thing is a bit fake? There seems to be so many cock ups and failures just at the worst possible time it's almost as if we are being set up by some massive joker for big falls just for its entertainment. And what about co-incidence? How many times have you experienced them and doesn't it totally spin your head around? And of course there is the old Deja Vu thingy where you know you have seen the shit you are in before.
Past lives......ufo' goes on and on.

Yes people! It's all fake. Not the ghosts and stuff- life is unreal. Life is fake! That Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show was not a comedy it was how it is. The lights do fall off the sky. Its all a hologram!!!!! Science is proving it.

You get far enough away from us and the whole thing unravels. Space time comes to an end. It's all just projected here. I knew it. All the daily crap that comes upon us- it's some bastard at the end of the universe fucking with us.

Oh. I feel so much better now I have found the answer. I can just keep on going, satisfied that I have all the answers to everything. It's all fake!! Great!

Now I have alerted you to how it is-Doesn't that make you feel better? I'm sure it does.

Friday, April 3, 2009

We won't meet again

He's off and into the big world from whence he came. My big little friend Spidey was sitting on the window pane peering out longingly at the rain falling on the garden today. Then his many little eyes looked back sadly at me for assistance in opening the window. I knew the time had come.

We looked at each other for a short time and then I opened the window. He didn't want to go at first. So I coaxed him gently to leave with a stick. You have to go my friend. There is a big world out there for you.

Bye bye Spidey. He stayed here for over a month and he was such a joy to watch. But he has now gone.

I wonder if I shall ever escape this prison of my own making? To have the freedom that is now at the feet ( all 8 of them) of my friend Spidey is a dream to me. I hold onto comfort, security, responsibility, all obsolete notions at my age and I really don't have all that much time here in this mortal world.


Anyway got some dishes and----- and----- Empire Total War is behaving now ( sort of) so got world conquest ( simulated) to do and I'm flying off to Tazzie tomorrow so what more do I want.

Maybe I'll hook up with Spidey in Tazzie. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spidey update

He's off on one of his adventures again. He didn't move for 4 days which is a record so far. All this stuff was accumulating on him. Things like dust and web. So he has spiderwebs growing on him. They must be really tiny spiders that live on him. Ain't it amazing! I'm amazed- you're -----probably not.