Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Deep Thoughts Brought on by Travel

I am known for my propensity to philisophical thinking. This is self evident here on my blog of course. And my travel to Tasmania has inspired some absolutely amazing bouts of jaw dropping observations. I will go into them later but let me start with the keenest of observations. My girlfriend leaves me in her dust when it comes to thinking. I now know and accept that as fact. I discovered this right in the beginning of our journey. On the plane in fact.

She noted the usual attractiveness of the flight staff. They are of course- the beautiful people- no news here- we all know that. But here's the kicker question which, when she asked it, absolutely floored me. She asked:

" What happens to all the air hostesses when they turn forty?"

We have thought about this keen question all during our holiday up until today. We were sitting here in the hills looking out over a magnificent vista enjoying conversation and a cup of tea. My astute girlfriend in conversation remarked that she had an idea of what happens to those aged air hostesses. Their flight companies put them on overseas flights just when they turn forty and at the right moment in the flight- when the ocean below is at its deepest------- they open a secret door in the back of the plane and------- well you know what happens------ I don't have to go into it.

Isn't that shockingly insightful? See what travel can do? It broadens the mind

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