Sunday, April 12, 2009


No eggs.I got none----- No bloody eggs.

Well how's that for a happy Easter?

That's what ya get for not goin' to church. Those religious types- they get it all. Eggs and hopeful thinking all wrapped up in one. We who are the religious paupers do manage one thing though. Lots of holidays. Even if we don't follow the big mind trip- we do get a few days off work. But then- I don't work. So really I rely on getting those eggs to make all this seem special.

Stuff it. I have a block of chocy somewhere. I'll get into a bit of that and I will feel very festive. Nope. All outta chocy. Well it's the humble fried egg for real. I don't feel anything from the consumption of eggs though. It doesn't give me a spiritual buzz. It just fills my stomach temporarily. Good enough I guess.

Easter. Some guy 2000 years ago, supposedly became a zombie. And we celebrate that? I want to stay dead when I die. Don't want people to see me rot. I want to decompose way out of view. It's a very private thing to me. Much like my beliefs. Religion. I don't get it. Is it an agreed dispensation from sanity? Well. All I wanna know is when this is going to end? When will we outgrow these obsolete ritualistic and divisive ideas? And where the hell are my Easter eggs?

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