Saturday, April 4, 2009

Holograms are real !

Gidday viewers. This note is more for me. I am sure to forget and so a note will help to remember who I am after I have written this note. It makes perfect sense to me so don't laugh.

This is a revealing article

Don't you feel like this whole life thing is a bit fake? There seems to be so many cock ups and failures just at the worst possible time it's almost as if we are being set up by some massive joker for big falls just for its entertainment. And what about co-incidence? How many times have you experienced them and doesn't it totally spin your head around? And of course there is the old Deja Vu thingy where you know you have seen the shit you are in before.
Past lives......ufo' goes on and on.

Yes people! It's all fake. Not the ghosts and stuff- life is unreal. Life is fake! That Jim Carrey movie The Truman Show was not a comedy it was how it is. The lights do fall off the sky. Its all a hologram!!!!! Science is proving it.

You get far enough away from us and the whole thing unravels. Space time comes to an end. It's all just projected here. I knew it. All the daily crap that comes upon us- it's some bastard at the end of the universe fucking with us.

Oh. I feel so much better now I have found the answer. I can just keep on going, satisfied that I have all the answers to everything. It's all fake!! Great!

Now I have alerted you to how it is-Doesn't that make you feel better? I'm sure it does.

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