Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hubble Trouble

The trouble with Hubble is double trouble. It shows us that there is a vastness out there in space that blows our minds but it gives us the illusion that by seeing these things we can understand more.

I was looking at a beautiful image of faraway galaxies just today and I thought ---we have no hope of ever getting it. How can we get that the universe is so - -- well, you know the shit.

Then I started thinking about the other big stuff- -----you know the stuff----- creator stuff and all that.

Then I thought ----- it's no wonder I like crochet and dishes. Man! If we had even the slightest chance of understanding the big picture I would be in with both feet. But I tell ya! What really surprises me is those people who defiantly state that they know what it's about. Those who say yeah--- there is a god or yeah there isn't a god--- they are so sure. How can anyone be so sure?

Hold onto your beliefs people--- it's all we got.

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