Friday, April 24, 2009

Somebody wrote it before me

The stuff I've been doing here on this blog is the stuff that is recommended in a book by Julia Cameron " The Artists Way" as mentioned in my earlier post. Yep- I was sucked in and scurried down to Borders and bought the book. She instructs us to write what she calls " Morning Pages". These are free consciousness writings. You start with no goal in mind and you just flow out the words and sketches. Well she says just words really. You gotta take a shit in the morning ---let out all the rubbish from the days before but by writing it all down. She reckons no-one else is supposed to read it though. Too late! A humble few have already suffered through my attempts at provocative writing and have weathered my lack of skill. Poor fools! And now that I have started doing it this way I think I may as well keep on going.

So people- you are just reading my random flow. I got an idea! You should do the same and you too can bore people just like I do. Inflicting this type of word pollution works but only for the writer. No-one else gives a shit! Too busy with their own shit.

What I would like to know is why people will pay for the ramblings (shit) of some but not others. Now that is phenomenon or skilled selling with words. With writing you gotta offer some kind of payoff for reading it in the first place. I don't do that coz I know its just my shit and of no use to anyone else. God bless the loser (me)- I gotta get some payoff for it- don't I? Then again I reckon I may be so bad at writing God is cursing me rather than blessing me. I'll keep goin' anyway- I'm a thrillseeker aren't I?

No!!! Simply another egotist.

Anyway I will keep reading the book I bought. If nothing else it tells me that I am on a path that someone ( a bestseller no less) recommends. I may have just stumbled on a way to make myself feel better about this mess we live in. I'm such a cynic!

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