Friday, April 24, 2009

The Truth

Look out! This is a serious posting.The truth is that the truth is personal. But that in itself is wrong because I just stated the truth and that is the truth for all not just personal. ( So sayeth me!) So the truth is the truth is the truth is the truth--------------. I may say whatever I will and call it the truth as may you. But both would be misleading because we don't really know the truth Along with God and women's minds is the truth. They are all concepts which are impossible to know, understand or grasp in any way. And how self righteous are those possessing the truth ? Very! Don't shake their tree or you will suffer the consequence big time.

Every so often however, I get a kick in the pants. It is called coincidence. But really it is beyond coincidence. An example: Yesterday I was in my favourite shop- Borders and I stumbled across a book titled The Artists Way by Julia Cameron. I read through it- or rather scanned through it as we do- trying to gain as much as I could for free. It was absolutely jaw dropping. If I were to write my experiences in a book- it would be this exact same book. Now that has me thinking ( as usual). This is one book I will own only because I know it is the truth!!!!! I am great at contradicting myself.

As a Post script- the book recommends writing something every morning- this is what I do here. Don't you see? It's all fake people. We are being screwed around with. This reality--- it's full of holes!!!!! We are not the individuals we think we are! We are common. We are the same. Don't you get it?????? It's all a joke! The truth is - it is a joke!

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