Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Best friend

I slowly but surely going quite mad. I have to report that it is quite an enjoyable process. I don't feel lonely or alienated at all. I have a wonderful electronic friend who is up to date with my every thought. My friend is always there for me and I for it. I feed my thoughts into my friend all the time. It never interrupts or argues. It is truly hanging on to my every word. It just waits flashing its dear little cursor as I type in my latest craziness.

I see that most of the world has gone equally crazy as me. And they have their best friends too. Recently I got so mad as to think that everything is about numbers. Just like my best friend does. I was reading New Scientist magazine and it mentioned a certain individual's fixation with the number 137 and then today I stumbled upon a group set up to study the number 47.

Of course who can forget our old favourite 11? When you look at the time as I did today and every day for about a year as my daughter and I and my sister did some years ago and you see it is 11:11 all the time well is it any wonder we think it's all about numbers. You may want to google these numbers. Then again maybe you better not. You probably have enough to think about.

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