Saturday, May 2, 2009

Clever by Association

Here's the secret behind the best sales concept. We have all fallen prey to this one. Because we have the latest most admired gadget,toy or whatever we are clever. We are clever because we bought it of course. But also just by owning this thing we are clever. You know the feeling; you've just lashed out and purchased the top- of- the- line- thingy. You whip it out in front of your mates and you can see their eyes glaze over with envy. Don't you wish it was your penis that they were responding so admiringly to? But that's a whole other psychological concept. Anyway, we feel clever simply by association and this friends is the reason we all want the latest drool- over thing.

I am an elitist. I used to love having a PC in the late 80s early 90s. People marveled at how clever I was in being able to even turn the bloody thing on. As it whirred into life and all this boot up stuff scrolled past they were wide eyed with amazement. And then When I actually typed in DIR at the flashing cursor and all this other type scrolled speedily down the screen I could almost see them swoon with admiration at my ability to control the beast. Ahhh! They were the days!

Now any girly can get on these things. They made it so easy. My mystique has dried up completely. I don't know where I am going to go to impress people now. I thought crochet might have been the go. But it just doesn't seem to do the same thing for most observers. Maybe I will become that brain surgeon I always dreamed of being. Then I could definitely impress. Pity the poor bugger whose head I'm poking around in though. A little known fact is I never knew what I was doing with computers way back in the past. It was all bluff.

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