Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am curious. I am really interested in mysteries. They can involve anything really as long as they are puzzling things for me to delve into. It can be anything from God and "why- am- I- here?" to how things work. But my research must never go too deep. That would be too much hard work because that would require seriously studying really useful subjects like mathematics. And that is way beyond, if not my capabilities, certainly my patience.

This part of my personality causes me to cast my eye across every article that has the slightest glimmer of mystery to it. No matter where I am and what I am doing- as soon as the curiosity switch is triggered- I'm in. So the internet is my biggest trap. And I am bogged down in it every day of my life. It has me hypnotized. There is no chance that I can escape its allure. When it comes to a life in the real world- well- my number is up. At least I'm not addicted to the vast amount of free porn that comes with the territory. ( Well, I can say this- whether I am believed is doubtful- everyone is disinterested in porn that's why it is the most popular subject on the net.) But this is off where I want to go with this.

People like me, I repeat those of curious nature, and I think there are plenty of us, can't resist swallowing the huge amount of guff put out by other people like us. We are curious about what the curious amongst us are curious about. I think it is human nature to be like this. The human is a totally curious creature. Beyond all other things - we are curious. And this is why we are in so much trouble. We are lost because of our curious nature. Because alongside the benefits of being curious like learning new and useful things, we also pick up all the mind-filling viruses along the way. And this brings me to the whole point of this long winded piece--------- are you curious?

The point of this whole article is:

The end.

I'm so cruel!

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