Monday, May 18, 2009

The Dead Zone

We were in at Myers today picking up a layby. The layby counter is situated on the top level. Way up top almost in Heaven. We left the escalator and proceeded to the desk. The whole floor was empty save for two women tucked away in a little cubicle in the vast layby collection area. What overkill the layby area is! It's designed by some optimistic person who thinks that a vast throng of people will be picking up items because sales will have been so prolific. It seems so far from the facts.

I can't see how these vast emporiums exist. Everytime I wander into them one word comes to me- overdone. How can a business support the cost of running such excessive retail space. It's just so spread out- so spacious- so well lit- so staffed- so empty of customers.

I have a theory that it may just be The Dead Zone. It is unreal. The staff all have a faraway look on their faces. It's like they are from the dead zone- really. They are dressed in black and they look sort of timeless. The fashion of their sales outfit is like 50 years in the past. They wear old fashioned watches and their jewellery is the kind of stuff my grandmother left to us.

Whilst we were at one of the counters my theory was proven. A younger sales woman approached an older one who was serving a woman ahead of us. She leaned into her ear and whispered something into the older sales ladies ear. A kind of mystical expression came over her face- like she had come into very important yet disturbing knowledge. It was as though she had received a message from above.

See! I knew it! The Dead Zone!!!!!!!! Money doesn't mean anything in this place. It is beyond space and time and you are there as in a dream. It's another dimension. My search is over. I have found the lost dimension- emporiums. One day they will simply not be there and it will be as though they were never there in the first place. I will be telling my grand children about these places and their eyes will be wide with amazement. Yes! It will be that hard to believe.

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