Tuesday, May 19, 2009

End times?

In the various communications I am having with the many people I know , who come from many backgrounds and who are of many different types of personality I am noticing one thing: I am either tippy-toeing through the tulips or dancing in the minefield with them.

This depends on whom I am talking to but there rarely seems to be an in between. You know, someone whom one can relax with and feel no pressure to keep it all good between us.

This has lead me to entertain that maybe the world is going mad and me with it and that the end times are truly coming. Mankind seems to be so neurotic now that we appear to be like some creature who looks into the approaching calamity and decides the best option is to go stark raving crazy before the pain hits. And it is evidenced by our communication.

But there is probably no grounds to draw this connection. It's just me struggling to relate as I grow older and grumpier due to my decreasing testosterone levels. Yes. That's it. It's just me.

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