Saturday, May 23, 2009

Everyone a princess

I was just thinking about how we start off in life in the care of parents. It answers everything about us turning into spoiled brats. It's the way we start in life and we expect it to go on being that way. I mean, just look at the pampering a mother gives a baby. Yeah. I know it's the right thing and the good thing and all that you bleeding hearts, but, it turns us into the most self absorbed horror heads and this poor planet is suffering because of us.

But let's get our hands really dirty here. I'm brave.

The answer I am always given by those I know to be at the top of the scale of self absorption, young women, is that it is just the way it is. Well I don't think it should be that way at all. We should grow up but we don't.

Sometimes I think it will be good when I'm dead. I won't have to listen to such self obsessive person. Guys do it a bit but they are usually female because I am informed by them that this is their natural way because they are made like this and it is just part of being a female to be so Oh my Gooood!! Awesome Amazing and worked on. Oh yeah- let's not forget insecure- this is the big one. The mirror was the worst thing ever invented. It turned 50% of the human race into self observing insecure nitpickers for a good percentage of their life.

Luckily this is tied up with the process of reproduction so then nature takes its sweet revenge. These self pampering creatures end up with a creature who demands they look at them whilst they grow and start looking at themselves in the mirror ever more and more.

Then later in life, after all this job of rearing is done what does a poor woman do? She goes back to looking at herself in the mirror and mourns the loss of the beauty she once thought she had. And she is again insecure. And I bloody well hear about it all-non-stop-all day-every day- from some woman or other.

Me? A misogynist? Sometimes. Sorry.

Postscript: 27th May

I wrote this post last Saturday morning- put it up but then took it down. I was afraid that it sounded too--- well,--- too nasty.

That evening I go down to my girlfriend's. I walk in and what do I see? Three teenage girls; all looking into a mirror- spinning around looking at themselves from every angle in a close scrutiny beyond the scientific process of analysis of split atomic particles.

Yep. I am a prophet people. Or else I am creating reality. How powerful am I?

Girls look at themselves in mirrors and I look at myself in the brain. Who has the problem?

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