Friday, May 29, 2009

Fear of dishwashers

My daughter has a very interesting phobia. She thinks I am trying to poison her. Every time I cook for her, which is every day coz she doesn't like domestic things much, she scrutinizes her plate closely and examines every morsel of food before she allows it into her mouth. When I examine the leftovers on her plate it contains pretty much most of the food I have meticulously prepared. So I think she thinks I am preparing some kind of food trap for her. She will woof down any food prepared by total strangers however. Takeaway food from any bum place passes muster with her. It's just me she fears.

But the most interesting phobia she has is of the dishwasher. She will bring her dirty dishes to near proximity to the nasty thing but she can't bring herself to actually load them in. They just sit there waiting for some brave person, and that would be me, to load it all in.

I find it really interesting and I am not annoyed by these things at all. Oh no. They don't upset my day in the least. I just keep doing the same things over and over and over. I would have liked being a slave I think. Well, I am now really and I really like it. I feel so------well, so------ I could have said used but really I think the word is needed.

Yes. That's it. I feel needed. Mind you she is 25. It may just be time she got the idea that we don't come into this life with a prepackaged slave attached. But if she did- well, I wouldn't feel needed any more. And I don't think I could handle that.

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leylani said...

don't worry dad you'll get me back when your so old I have to wheel you around in a wheel chair, while carrying your poo bag and feeding you baby food because you have no teeth. Actually hmmm I don't know which one that would be worse for you or me. maybe I'll just start doing the dishes.