Friday, May 15, 2009

I used to say that I was studying quantum physics in order to boost people's impression of my intelligence. It worked in those days because it hadn't hit the pop culture of the time. Now every man and his dog are "studying" it.

We can see that it's really a wank can't we? And by this I mean the "study" of it and the actual subject itself. The whole thing is a total absurd piece of clap trap. Einstein tried to warn us all those years ago but we wouldn't listen. So here we are in the next century still carrying on about this absurd thing. It's not a science- it's a thing.

The closest I can go to describing it is this. You're walking down a road. It's a bright sunny day the birds are singing and you come to a fork in the road. So you decide to take both paths at once because you can't decide. So you are deciding and not deciding -both at the same time- so you take both paths at the same time.

Like it?

And there are idiots who go with this!!!!!

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