Thursday, May 21, 2009

Isn't it marvellous?

I am so tired of all those articles on look at what we had then and now look at what we have. The ones where we are expected to appreciate how much better technology is now and how much it has advanced. It's like looking at an infant who is just starting to walk and then looking at him as a man sprinting down a racetrack. Time has passed is all that has happened- no news here.

We are not that amazing. We think we are but we are simply evolving animals with a hunger for comfort. Entertainment is comfort. It stops us remembering that we are gonna die-it takes our mind off it. Unlike religion which is just a soother when we remember- entertainment is what we are about for really covering up the whole tragic mortality thing. Everything that we make is geared towards more comfort; we had the raw survival stuff in place ages ago. Now we make big about the icing on the cake. That's where the money is. But really nothing has changed as far as I can see. Walkmans in the 70's and Ipods in the 00's- who bloody cares? They both do the same thing.

Take these bloody typing devices we sit on all day. And I'm talking about the personal computer not the serious ones that do breakthrough in discoveries and such.Rather these ( more breakdown than breakthrough types) home ones have not in any way really improved anything. We keep getting told that they have. But I think all they have really added to this society is first a new addiction and second a filter on communication but mainly a huge distraction from what is important for the masses. Note here that I will also include the mobile phone as a personal computer because it really is one.

Mind you I have mates who stuck with the bottle for their addiction and distraction in life and their brains are just about as damaged as the rest of us now. But yeah, pc's, P bloody C's. Everyone's got one and don't they feel so special just having one? Can't live without 'em--- don't leave home without one. Most everything we do on them doesn't really need to be done- we think it does but really it doesn't. We want to be part of it- not left behind though so we do it. Like I do with these stupid rambling rantings.

For all that- we have never been expected to work harder and longer- we are expected to produce more and more yet for all the buildup of the marvels of the pc---- productivity is dropping in just about anything they are involved in- or in the office at least. Paperwork was more efficient. Odd thing is we use more paper than ever before so the pc revolution hasn't even cut back on that as was promised. This is because they inherently distract us. We go into a sort of mind numbing journey of never ending distractions from the path we originally set out on every time we look at them.

Anyway bored with this rant- back to surfing. I love pc's. They are such fun.

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