Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I must admit. I am a man prone to a bit of magic thinking. Some may say schizotypal personality disorder but I say vivid imagination. See? I can call it for what it is. So diagnose me sane please. What I can't understand is how some people can't accept that it is just their imagination at play when it comes to assessing events that may seem odd. The cause of anything mysterious is always magical. I wrote of one such event the other day on this blog.

It's like people think by acknowleding their imagination they are putting down the importance of their thoughts. Their thought goes: It's gotta be real not imaginary because it felt so real to me. And they are so quick to spin the magic than to accept they have a powerful imagination.

It's the same in religion. All religion is magic. It fills the whole thing with magic as the cause of the mystery and it gets away with all kinds of strange occurences if in fact they ever really happened with a large amount of supernatural magic type thoughts. We are supposed to be magic thinkers to be holy and good people but if we think magic outside say the bible's notions well then we are just plain delusional. But between these extremes no-one mentions good old fashioned imagination. Religion is just a work of human imagination. It is so obvious. Just look at your plain old life people--it's mundane--really!!! Get over it!! Stop trying, and trying is the operative word, to make it bigger by enlisting magic.

Of course as an artist I am a big fan of imagination. I go with it. It works. And all the crazy flights I have and you have witnessed here in my blog- well they are just that- crazy fun flights of imagination full of whatifs and maybe's. But people!!! You are all so serious. You are swallowing so much crap. You have lost - well you probably never had- the ability to set aside reality from imagination. Because you don't understand your imagination then you take everything as real. You put every little mystery into a belief structure and it is a high and mighty structure I tell you. But it should fall. In 2009 it should fall. We should let go of all the old thinking and start afresh with our imagination proudly alongside. And know that life is plain, boring but incredible and fascinating and imagination takes it into a whole other world.

An unreal world though.

Now back to my latest project which is designing symbols that will change reality.

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