Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers day

I have a friend who follows my blogs each day. She didn't like what I wrote when she first started. She took the things I expressed personally. And I wouldn't blame her. I am a cruel person sometimes. I try to be kind and think only the best thoughts but I have this little devil inside of me and he doesn't like the goody two shoes personality. I find holy- moley types of people really nauseating. And when I encounter them I cringe in discomfort. I feel like slapping them awake. And I do and my poor friends will verify my slaps are my words and I administer them without mercy at times.

These angels in human form are the ones who you must tippy- toe around and keep the conversation in their earshot on the level of ever so light and fluffy; Childlike; Nonthreatening; responsible;courteous and be very very aware that God is watching. Well stuff that! Stay the hell away from me coz I'm always gonna let it out.

All I want to do is opine. Not threaten anyone- not for any particular purpose- just because it's what I like to do. So many people bottle it all up. Or worse, they have to get pissed off their nut before they can let out any of the inner beast and by that time it is far more ugly than it has to be. The way I do it is the way of the masters, like Gerry Seinfeld. Of course he is a real cynic. I am but a lowly amateur.

With all this in mind and in keeping with the view that I am an animal who is critical of many traditions I must openly admit my absolute love of Mothers Day. I am so sorry to disappoint those who think I am a total cynic- well I'm not- stuff you! I love mothers. They need to be celebrated. Thank God there are mothers or else the world would be full of smart arse cynics. They soften this place and make it beautiful. They bring a somewhat cynical person like myself to my knees in awe of their perfect care.

Good on you Mum. I miss you. You weren't a goody two shoes- you let out the beast sometimes and you gave me the same trait. But you cared- probably too much. RIP.

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