Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Moving On

Over the last few weeks I have been reading books by renowned futurists. To explain, a futurist is someone who predicts trends. They actually earn money from being prophets. Of course they can't be called prophets because it's too close to profits and one wouldn't want to associate the two. It would make their business look like a bit of a scam. Which it really is by the way.

There's heaps of research in future predicting though. These poor blokes spend their time reading and reading in order to predict what is going to likely happen in all areas that effect man. Then they have to see the trends before anyone else does in order to become famous by predicting the future.

Of course there are those others who harness the dark side to gather information about what is going to happen in the future. They're the ones who talk to the dead. Yep and they actually think they do this thing-well they know they don't really but it makes them very interesting people rather than that boring old hag that lives down the road watching TV and talking to herself all day, they can be an oracle who everyone consults.

But people- there is no need to search for these types of individuals any longer. I have the answer to everything right here on overthinking. I give this advanced knowledge away for free.

Here is my predictions for your future. You will build a life. All kinds of stuff will go on around you to which you will respond as you see appropriate at the time. You will do this usually in a state of urgency and anxiety. And if you don't well you probably haven't really understood the nature of what's going on in the first place or you are half asleep. And when you have solved that stuff you will move on to more stuff which seems to be important and requiring your immediate attention and this is on top of the million other things that require your immediate attention. You will respond each day trying to reduce the long list of things that require your immediate attention for about the next 50 years unless you die in the meantime and simultaneously you will try to cope with the distraction from the constant interruptions that are going on relentlessly in the background. You will worry a lot. Then you will worry some more. Occasionally you will get totally off your face on some kind of substance in order that you are relieved from the constant concern of a million things going on all at once in you daily life. You will try to cut off using other methods like totally immersing yourself in TV or some other passive entertainment. But you will always know you have to do stuff no matter how long you sit there because it's not going to get things done.

Then at about age 50- if you make it- you will say to yourself- What was the point of all that? And you will get a sense of futility in your life. Of wasted efforts. You will look at all your achievements and all the happy little humans you have added to the population. And you may hide out in that aspect of your life all by itself for the rest of your life. You will say- yep, it was about the children. All that work had a wonderful fruit. The children. But when the kids were young and you were trying to work to keep food in their growing and ever hungry tummies it was a nightmare. But now they are gone and you are all alone. You are watching TV. You are watching a lot of TV. You want to keep yourself busy. But you really don't have anything to do. You could do volunteer work to whittle away the hours or something to relieve your long habit of being busy

Anyway I could go on painting your gloomy future for you but I think it would be best to leave all this prediction to the experts. They will make you much happier with their predictions of global catastrophe and pandemics and the collapse of civilization and stuff.

For me, well I have moved on to the final stages of my future. I wash the dishes. I crochet. I dream up paintings which are never done because I like dreaming them up but doing them requires way too much work.

But I am really happy. I am not worried about the future. It is here and I like it. The only thing that we are really alive for is the feeling of being alive. And how do we feel alive-----???????

We love.

That's what your future will be about---love.

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