Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Naked in public

Things have gone strange out there in shopping land. Yesterday I was doing my usual food shop in Coles . You know the drill? Grab the basket at the door and lurch around the aisles in the same tedious way always eager to make an end of the task asap. However, yesterday had some surprises which made the whole experience well, not enjoyable, more-------- errr, whatztha word?---- puzzling.

In a state of stupor , I raised my eyes in order to avoid colliding with the vegie stands only to notice a pair of flanny pj's. Not so different you say?--- well--- these ones were walking. This lady had decided to not bother getting dressed and to just go shopping in her pj's. Interesting.

So I continued my routine through the store- slightly awry at the pj encounter. Just a relaxed person I thought.Rounding the back section in the store I noticed a couple of tradesmen types - you know- bright orange fluoro safety vests and work boots types. They appeared to be in some kind of trance. I thought --- maybe Swine Flu----- No---- their attention seemed to be off in the distance in front of them. I followed their gaze. Oh my!!!! --------- There was this model looking vision of beauty strolling along the dairy section as nonchalant as you like. She was a true beauty. But my eyes quickly fell to the jaw dropper in all this. She looked naked from the waist down.

Her leggings thingys were so form hugging and skin tight that she may as well have left them off. Nothing was left to the imagination. The perfect get up for getting men up and for grocery shopping she thought.

What is that about? I have had nightmares as everyone does, where I have left my pants off in a totally mundane public place and have had to run around hiding my nudity. But then again- if I looked as fine as this woman did, nudity would not be something I would be embarrassed about. But what goes through the mind of people? Why the need for such exhibitionism in such an ordinary place at such an ordinary time of the day? Maybe she was on her way somewhere where half nudity is the norm. Maybe she simply thinks that it is normal to show your wares to all and sundry at the supermarket just to help relieve the boredom of both herself and others.

I didn't join the snake of men following like mesmerized zombies in her wake but took the nearest aisle in order to feel rebellious. And I did feel very much in control. A man of substance not effected by such wiles of that foul temptress.

Then I saw the lady in her pj's again and I was back to Earth. The strangeness of these two images somehow managed to counteract each other. You know- the turn on followed by the turn off. Such is divine providence. Such is the strangeness of our ordinary daily lives.

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