Friday, May 22, 2009

Promises of wealth

Live long and prosper. What a great farewell. Saw it lovingly used in the latest Star Trek movie the other night. And I had little brush with the prosperity dream myself the next day. Notice I say dream and not the actual thing itself. The dream is as close as I ever got to it. I don't say this sadly because I have never had money worries as such.

My girlfriend and I were flat on our backs with a rotten cold you know, feeling like ten penneth of God help us. When there was a ring on the front doorbell. I had no intention of answering it. Then there was another ring. I still had no intention of action. Then there was a third and a fourth. I thought well it must be urgent so raised my sick body, dragged on some clothes and went downstairs and answered it. There was a nondescript Euro-styled and spoken gentleman at the door looking at me as though I should recognize him. I didn't.

So in he came like a whirlwind talking rapidly like some kind of German made machine gun. My head was so clogged up and spinning I couldn't make out too much but it was something to do with him knowing me from the past and how he knew I worked with sound recording then- which I did. Any way he had this project on and I was given all the importance of this project over about 10 minutes of rapid fire non'stop talking in a thick accent which left me guessing every 10th or 11th word and not understanding much about the sentence leading up to it anyway. You know, I was simply not there.

Somehow I managed to understand that he was doing radio ads and he wanted me to quote on doing them and it was worth about 2 to 300 per week. Great. I think I might have a handle on it. He passed several judgements about how this person and that person were lazy and this is an opportunity and that I should grab it with both hands. He also made several personal and insulting remarks about yours truly not being on it and all that even though I told him I was full of cold and then he left offering a few other random insults and judgements. Mmmm I thought- pain- in- the- arse. Back to bed and rest the head.

That night I had a dream. I dreamed that this same guy engaged me to cook a feast for some big party he was giving. I cooked a turkey roast and his lackeys picked it up and took it to his big event. I went to the event to check everything was ok and opened the oven to find the turkey was burnt black. Now we can see my dream was warning me.

Next day he phones. I announce my lack of interest in recording his ads. He was most surprised. Turns out he wants 2 to 300 ads recorded per week not 2 to 300 hundred dollars a week that I thought it was about. He threw out some figure of between half and a million dollars worth of business. My ears suddenly pricked up. Money money money---it will do it every time--- and this was real serious money. So again it's on the table.

So I sit down with my trusty pencil and work it all out. Looking at it from a point of view- there's big money in advertising. I was liberal with my figures. I was in a dream of - the ship has finally come in. No more struggling artist- this is it! I bashed everyone's ear on whether I should go for it or not and whether the guy was a bullshitter etc etc.

Cut a long story short. He was. He was one of those types who throws out the big money that lures you in to quote then says--I don't want to pay that much. Quoting is like the game- I am thinking of a number see if you can guess what it is. My guess was not the right answer. The buzzer goes and it's see you later. How often over my life this has happened- I have lost count. Dreamers and their give me a quote game. It gives them a sense of power and that's what they get off on I'm sure. I even said to him why didn't you just tell me how much you wanted to pay. He skated overthat comment. I know his game. There are so many like him.

The burnt turkey dream was spot on.

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