Monday, May 25, 2009

Ring Ring Knock Knock

I am suffering disturbance in the force. Several days ago I wrote here of a loud man feverishly ringing my doorbell. Yesterday I had a woman do exactly the same thing. I am beginning to think I am a sitting duck for these people because I have been her too long.

But this is about the types of people who think because they have a few quid they can push everyone else around. They think the reason they are well off is because they behave the way they do and because it seems rewarded they keep inflicting themselves on us in their rude and pumped up way. I can't stand them.

Here's what they do. They see a business that has shut down. All the blinds are drawn the place is sealed up and for all intent and purpose to any casual observer- nothing's happening so move on. Not these people. To them it is a matter of waking the dead. They have the power to do that they think.

So it knock on the door ring on the bell I'm gonna knock and tap and ring until you do.

They are irresistible . One thinks that there is an emergency right there at the front door and is compelled to respond accordingly. To these types of people- life , their life, is urgent. If I had hair it would have been certainly standing on end by the time I got to the door. Swing the door open to see this worked up piece of work gesticulating about "are you closed- how can this be - you are closed - I can't believe it- closed- wow." I should have replied with:" No I'm not fucking closed - you just banged the door down so no I'm not closed." But I didn't. I'm just such a polite wimp- I missed my chance. And they put out this aura of- you may just make a fortune out of me if you entertain my rudeness. This is the key to how they operate. YOU JUST MAY MAKE A FORTUNE OUT OF ME. That's what sucks you in every time.

Next time! Stuff it- I'm gonna head butt one of these fuckers right outta my front yard-- no I won't- because I JUST MAY MAKE A FORTUNE OUTTA ONE OF THEM. Doesn't it shit you the way they win all the time?

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