Monday, May 4, 2009

Shut up

I just thought about the past. Gee that's such a different thing for people my age to do isn't it? I remembered how my daughter used to hang on my every word in her struggle to gain knowledge about the world and how things work. She was thirsty for knowledge from me and I was only too happy to give. Being a parent is great in that way. One gets to pretend they know everything and the small beings under our influence and control are an ever enthusiastic listener. We feel so wise and needed. Happily, if all goes well, the day comes when these small creatures grow up. Then after all the years of loving our spin on the world they turn to us and they say--------- Shut up!

The ungrateful little ratbags tell the almighty parent to shut up. How dare they!. So that's why I rave on here. I won't shut up. I pretend that the rest of my world is still interested in what I say. And I rattle on about shit. Same as I did all those years ago to that poor little person whom I inflicted my ideas upon. Then again. Somebody did that to me too. It goes on and on. We never shut up though. Not really. I think that's why we have kids- so that there is a powerless individual who we can rave onto and feel very knowledgeable about stuff we really know nothing about. The thing we really know nothing about is ------life! We pretend we do from time to time though. We have to bluff our way through when a small person is relying upon us.

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