Saturday, May 30, 2009

Still learning

I must admit at 57 I feel younger than the children around me. I am mixing with youngsters 8 to 30 and they all teach me stuff in all areas of knowledge. I used to believe that those older than me knew more than I did. But now, being old myself, I know that is not true. The knowledge I have is nowhere near what the younger people already know.

Anything I say to a younger person, no matter their age is greeted with " I know". I'm now short on confidence. Because I know that everything I know is already known by those younger than me. Children 8 and 9 years old know everything. I talk to them like they are older than me. They are so quick to pick up my failed or obsolete ideas. I am always corrected by these little brainiacs.

And don't get me on young women. Wow! They are light years ahead of me. I am really honored that they even entertain a small conversation with me. Their minds are so full of knowledge I feel like crawling away and hiding in a hollow log in the forest and praying for an evolutionary jump to come my way so I can somehow keep up with their superiority.

Unfortunately I now have learned the major lesson in life. The older we get the less we know. I know it sounds silly but this truly is the way it goes. At about age 8 the current generation of kids get a sort of divine spark of knowledge. They are given it all in an instant. In the old days we had to learn but that is all finished now. Every young person just knows. They know that they know it all. This is why they say "I know " all the time. And they have to constantly correct our mistaken ideas when conversing with us oldies. It must really drive them mad the poor little darlings.

Anyway I will keep plugging away at things in the hope that one day I may be able to hold my own with these super intellectual babies. It's only after I earn their respect that one day they may let me take charge of my own life. This is my dream. Until then kids rule- of course.

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