Monday, May 4, 2009


My girlfriend and I went to see Wolverine the other night and it was unsurprisingly the same as any of the other movies concerning a boy's perception of heroic. These movies are so loud and so unchallenging to the imagination or even to the intellect.

I love special FX. I have studied multimedia at Swinburne. Yes I seriously love special FX so much as to totally waste my time doing all that worthless study. But I have to say I do miss substance being present in these movies. I can't say that I have seen an action movie in a long while where the actual story rated alongside the brilliance of the special FX. Modern movies are all show and no go.

Talking about all show and no go and superheroes; this is fairly much what I am about. Some friends are in awe at my intellectual power as demonstrated in these insightful blogs. I sound so powerful when I write don't I? The typed word HOLDS MUCH POWER. See? But really I am just a cowering little man in a very big and scary world. A mate said to me yesterday that the reason I get no replies to my silly articles here at Overthinking is because they come across as not debatable and utterances of perfect truth.

This is how they all read:

Imagine this said in a really loud and powerful godlike voice:" I am giving you the insight here idiot! I'm using my most high and mighty vocabulary. If you don't agree with me well fuck you! Fuck the World! And Fuck you!"

I like this style I have developed. It works for me. It's exactly the way I want to do business here and most every place else. Oh yeah!. That friend of mine--- he's an idiot. I like being Mr Right------in my mind at least. I don't care what the rest of you idiots think. So don't bother me with your useless comments!!!!

I'm a bit lonely now. Wonder why? Being a superhero makes for a very alienated life I guess.

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