Thursday, May 14, 2009


Coming home from my girlfriend's place the other night I had a very scary encounter with a tailgater. The road is mountainous, windy and it is impossible to overtake. But this person did anyway. He had some kind of death wish. The only thing is it involved a wish not only for his own but of those unfortunate enough to be around at the time.

This got me to thinking- again-of -course. What is it with these peole who hide away behind their steel panels. They seem to no longer be human. They seem to adopt a machine- like personality. They no longer see those around them as people inside cars but as some kind of other mechanical being made of metal plastic and rubber. They don't seem to be able to recognize that within these mechanical exteriors is something alive and precious. Also something that is very vulnerable to their careless actions.

The sooner we run out of oil the better I reckon. We need to get back to the horse days as soon as possible. If you are going along on your horse and someone comes up behind you and places his horse's nose up your horse's bum well he just looks totally foolish. And because he is not able to hide from the outside world whilst on his mode of transport he can feel and hear the full impact of his ridiculous action.

Come on global warming- come on peak oil -come on- come on. It's the only way humanity will get a perspective of what it is to be human back.

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