Friday, May 1, 2009


Each day the media feeds us the scariest scenarios we have have ever dreamed. They're pulling out the best of the worst now. Post "Pig Flu Is Imminent-stock up for 14 days warning" shopping was a whole new experience today. I was on alert for all those little bloody viruses. Trust no-one- They're all potential threats now. Rush home and wash your hands. Spray everything in surface disinfectant. Cook your food till it's a mushy pulp. Woof it down using only freshly sterilized plates and utensils. Don't give it time for the airborne bacteria to settle on it. Put on your mask and watch the news for the next big thing. Keep your hands soaking in disinfectant whilst you do this. Stay vigilant. Life keeps just getting better and better don't it?

I think the biggest pandemic now is mental illness. If it wasn't before - it is now.Anxiety reigns supreme.

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