Monday, May 11, 2009

Time Wasting

The fun I have had over my life making something out of nothing. One can whittle ( or crochet) away the hours. It's a perfect pastime for those with nothing to do. But I don't think I am alone in this strange activity. It can't be all bad though. God started the whole thing off didn't He and we wouldn't want to call Him bad.

So making something out of nothing is the foundation of human thinking. As I type these words I am in fact making something out of nothing. Just a moment ago there were no words from me and now there are words from me. See? But they mean absolutely nothing yet they mean something because they are talking about nothing. See how easy this all is?

What I am doing here is showing you how I think. This is the mess I have referred to in earlier posts and is the core of the issue on display here at Overthinking. In me being so fortunate as to having been born an artist I have also been afflicted with this kind of thinking. It makes it so difficult for me to go ahead and actually do anything tangible most of the time and decision making is an absolute nightmare for me.

People have often commented on how changeable I am. One moment this another moment that; but its part of the way I am set up. I look at everything from all angles all at once and depending on where the light is at the time is how I see things. The slightest move of the thing under scrutiny or a change in the appearance caused by interruptions from another person and I see it differently. And this can be totally opposite to the way I saw it a moment ago. Something can look beautiful to me one moment and totally ugly the next. Then it can be any of the infinite shades in between at any other time.

The end result is that to the outside world I am fairly much a non-productive person. I do surprise people sometimes though. Occasionally I spin out some kind of tangible thing like a painting, or even this writing. Of course monetarily it has no value whatsoever. All my efforts go for free. So I guess one can see that I more or less inflict the world with some kind of nothing which is sort of something but it is really nothing because nobody pays for it so it is nothing. Does that make sense?

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