Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What is cruft?

It has been generalized to mean any accumulation of obsolete, redundant, irrelevant, or unnecessary information, especially code. [ Wiki]
Here is an example of how useful the internet is in establishing the truth of something. In this example the Australian economic outlook as of today:

"This is turning out to be quite a nice recession for Australia.

Aussie GDP has fallen just 0.5 per cent, compared to nearly 10 per cent in Japan, 4.6 per cent in Europe and 2.6 per cent in the US. Unemployment has actually decreased according to the latest data and is now at 5.4 per cent – at least two percentage points below other western countries, where unemployment is rising quickly." [ Alan Kohler -Business Spectator today]

Economy continues to falter: survey

May 27, 2009 - 10:54AM

"The Australian economy continues to falter due to the global economic downturn, a survey shows." [ The Age today]

See how useful the internet is? Is it any wonder my opinions constantly flip flop. It's like trying to hold onto a small board in a rough sea for safety. I feel like just curling up my tootsies on an intellectual level sometimes. It's lucky I was never really smart in the first place or I would be a total neurotic mess, like my ex wife is. She believes everything she reads and it's messed with her head big time. She spends her time preparing to run away from everything; in being afraid-very afraid. She reads the internet looking for the latest on doomsday scenarios. Yep. She sure knows how to have a good time. This is why we are ex now I think.

Cruft in the brain- that's what we've got.

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