Saturday, May 2, 2009

What it wasn't like in the '70

This just came to me- The '70s. The difference; now and then.

Well first I was in my prime then and I am not now. I'm still pretty cool mind you, but I was way cooler then. I had hair- lots of it;and it was long, really long. It was free. I didn't have the fashion police around in those days telling me what I should look like and what I should wear. And fashion was way over the top for men. We were able to push the limits. Now all that type of dress is just labeled gay. We didn't even wear any advertisements then. It was looked down upon. If you wore something with advertising on it- well that was your job- you expected to be paid for that not to pay for the privilege.

We weren't anxious in those days. We were optimistic and really believed that the world would be the same as it ever was only better into the future. We thought marriage was for life and that it was the best way to be. We expected to own a house with a vegie patch and all the trimmings. It would all be rosey in the garden and in the home.

Everything was new and hadn't been done before. The pill was new, the electric guitar was new, new new new. We were new. The music was new- it sounded different to all that had gone before it. The outlook was new. We didn't want conservativism. We wanted to push boundaries and not be the same. We wanted to be individuals. We bought new denims and hacked the shit out of them so that they didn't look new. How new is that?

I could go on and on about the 70s. But, dear reader- this unfortunately is the end of your attention span. You are becoming bored.

Oh yeah. We could stay tuned in for the long haul in the 70's. We didn't channel surf life back then.

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