Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I spent $700 on a new outfit . This is not the way I operate. Something went wrong. I caught some kind of strange virus obviously. And so did a large crowd of people I was amongst the other night. They had all spent way too much money on their appearance too. Money that many of them simply didn't have I bet.

It's really an odd world. We struggle along complaining about the cost of things and suddenly we lose it entirely and throw money at some useless expensive item of clothing. This is never so evident as it is at the famous debutante's ball ( or should I say infamous).

The gear these young people, particularly the girls, poke themselves into is totally useless for anything but a wear once occasion. The gown can't even be saved for later use as a wedding gown apparently. I think it could but it seems there is a difference.

Anyway they strap the artifice on, spend all day prissying up to march down an aisle for about 30 seconds as a statement to the world. I am not sure what the statement is. It may be: I'm a total bloody idiot who is totally into spending huge money on how I look. Or, stuff all the rest of ya I'm the prettiest of them all---See?

Anyway I spent my $700 on my clobber. Yes I'm an idiot. And do you know what? There is not one photo of me in my finery. I sat there in a daze only moving to clap my hands together at all those wonderful young people strutting their stuff. It was all about them. As it should be. You see, no matter how much people my age spend all eyes are on youth. and their eyes are on themselves.

Cruel life!

I take some consolation in the fact that the piles of dishes are waiting for them. They too will be standing at their kitchen sink remembering their 30 second strut down the aisle to obscurity. Such is the aging process.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Heavy Metal Wimp

My split personality stood out today. I was sitting in my car looking at myself in the rear view. I like looking at myself when no-one can see me doing it so this is a good place. I had my mp3 player on. I was listening to Ozzy belt out I dont wanna stop. I have the shaved head; I have the bikie mo; I had the rap around shades. Yeah I looked so Heavy!!!!

Problem is. I was sitting in my little green girlie car. Now that's what I call non-threatened sexuality.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Idle hands

The devil makes use of idle hands. My grandmother used to say this. She lived to just 2 weeks off 100 years. A very good innings indeed. The wonderful woman was a true gem of intelligent thought. I believe that she has coined the reason for me overthinking. The devil has made use of my idle hands and I sit here typing all this stuff as though it actually means something. As if it means anything. For all this typing, nothing has come that is truly to be considered enlightened discussion.

You see I am just like everyone else in that I really bring nothing new to the table. It's just rehashed old concepts based on my own experiences. I hope that a bit of laughter may come from it. That is my only purpose. Really the stuff I write is just so I can justify owning this fancy typing device and sitting for hours on the internet. The devil you see, is making use of my idle hands. If this is the case, I hope you enjoy his writing.

It's a good thing I don't believe in a devil. I may feel very bad if I did. And this brings me to another bit of overthinking. Why are we so trapped in fears?

Here are the facts as I see them:

Every day we are fed a constant stream of fear inducing dialogue.

This has been the case since we became sentient.

Even our parents filled us with some kind of fear-mainly for our protection of course.

We like the diet of fear that we live on. We read news that terrifies us and we are hungry for more. We watch horror entertainment. We like death defying experiences. We like that fear produces adrenaline.

We create myths which threaten us for eternity like the concept of Hell.

We go above and beyond the usefulness of fear as a way of avoiding danger.

And may I say- we seem to be growing more and more fearful with every passing day as a society.

I know why this is so. It is because as we know more we fear more. Because we are exponentially growing in our knowledge so too is the fear.

We are beginning to see the many many ways we can be harmed. We never knew there were so many threats did we?

Well now we do. So my idle hands are not idle because I escape all this fear by keeping them feverishly typing all this bullshit.

Do you feel nice and scared now? You know there is a lot to fear because I do so much typing.

What drug or procedure or whatever do you use to escape your fear?

Oh. And by the way- the devil does exist and it is called fear. And therefore I do believe in the devil. How's that for a great loop? Don't I drive you mad? That's the sign of overthinking. The constant loop in dialogue. It's also a sign that I am the most indecisive person on the planet. I should have been a politician.

Break out

Yesterday I did a little rave on Attention Span. In it I used sex as a trigger to get attention. It was a bit of fun that hid the particular thing I really wanted to share. Today I will be semi-serious for once.

We really do have some kind of strangeness going on in our lives. This involves the phenomenon called coincidence. Through this we seem to witness a very real effect on what happens in our future even if we are not deliberately taking action to have what happens actually happen.

There are two kinds of coincidences. Simply there are the big ones and there are the little ones. Gee! That's Earth shattering isn't it? But wait--- The big ones are rare. They may make the news and globally people marvel at them. The little ones are common, daily in fact, but still have the effect of keeping us guessing as to when we will experience them. As I have said before- you simply have to be aware and you will notice these puzzling strangelets.

Now, strangelets is not a word. But I have used it. I could have used oddities but that was too mundane for the importance and grandeur of these little occurences. So I have used the term used by physicists- strangelets. In physics strangelets are probably strange matter so I will use it in literature as a : Strangelet noun. an event of strange matters. Good eh?

Strangelets are events that once they occur you can see a connection ( yes the old connection word again) to something you were in some way involved in in the past which would seem to have predicted or even actually created the physical input you are receiving at the time. Things such as seeing something you thought about just moments before you saw it- that sort of thing. What people don't realize is this thing- the strangelet- is as common as the air we breathe. It occurs all the time and many people just notice a few of them others like me become so overwhelmed with how common it is that we are almost obssessed with it.

Some have said to me that it is a gift. I don't think it is a gift. I think anyone can actually involve themselves in witnessing strangelets in their daily lives. But here is the thing that makes what I do different from everyone else that I know. I have totally dropped my bundle as far as following a "normal" life like most people bury themselves in. I have stepped out, mainly because events have put me here. I won't go into this- no need. Anyway part of this odd way I exist is to involve myself in free flowing flights of consciousness or maybe it is rather--- imagination. I have the time to do this. I stopped the rush to keep money flowing in to pay the bills and I stopped coping really. I stopped and just allowed myself to live. I gave in. I surrendered. I grew tired of constantly worrying about whether I would survive monetarily, emotionally even physically to a degree. This does not mean I stopped caring for myself and that the bills aren't building up. The opposite. For once in my life I actually cared for myself. More than I had ever done in the past. The bills? Well, they will always be there but if I work it right I should be able to bail out just at the right time by dying just as they get unmanageable Ha Ha. Good plan.

I won't go into the various aspects that caused and also allowed this to happen. I won't go into whether I think this is a good thing or a bad thing neither. It's just where I find myself due to a series of events. And this is exactly what strangelets do. Life truly is a series of beyond co-incidences called strangelets. But they have a purpose. I have no basis on which to state this- but it feels like a purpose. It appears there is an intelligence behind our reality. I call it God. You can call it as you wish. Now I have probably totally freaked everyone. But I call it God. Get over it. I--- call ---it ---- God. There is no other answer. If there is----tell me--- tell me now!

The truly weird thing in many people's attitude ( those I know anyway) is that they think if you come out with this then you are:
a/ mad
b/ simple
c/ delusional
d/ defeated
e/ Religious ( The others I can handle this one is my worst nightmare)
e/ all of the above

And above all-- they have happily read all my crap up until now; but now I have totally lost them. Too bad- how sad!

Oh yeah and the other big difference is: I do stuff that allows the strange stuff to happen. I am an artist. I write it- I draw -or I paint it- then it happens--- yep--- I've lost it haven't I? I think not. I've found it people. Creation.

We think our reality. It's simply that. We think our reality!!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Time Travel

This small statement is simply amazing: Sex is fun. I will give you a moment to think about that before I give you the actual small statement that I wish you would really think about. I am going to build it up a bit beforehand however. If I don't then you will just skate over it like it means nothing. I am really making a point here. Stop skating over things. I don't so why should you. It's plain rude to give every bloody thing that anyone ever writes such short sparse attention. Pay attention for once. Pay attention.

Do I have your attention. No I don't. You are not ready. You are still fidgeting. I feel like a bloody school teacher here. Imagine I throw a piece of chalk at you. Pay attention. Nope. You're still not listening. Are you?

What do I have to do to keep you focused on what I am about to write? Is there anything? Nope. You will just read it and you will just up and forget it straight away won't you. You know why? Because sex is fun. This is the only thing that holds your attention isn't it?

I really can't do much to help you hold onto what I am going to write other than to say if you do you will be able to know who you're going to sleep with in the future. Now have I got you interested?



Our thoughts travel in all directions in time----including the future. We therefore do travel in time outside the bodily one second for one second. The thoughts you think can foretell your future. It's not that they really foretell the future they are your future.

Go ahead and think about that. For a few seconds. Bye

Glowing rectangles

Read this and feel like a zombie. We spend 90% of our time staring at some kind of glowing rectangle- TV, PC, Mobile Phone whatever. We don't feel comfortable until we have stared at them for a period of time every single day. We fill our lives with uses for these rectangles even if there really is none. If we are away from them we don't feel right. We feel like we are missing something. This is bad people!!! I'm sure it is bad even though I don't know why I think this. But I for one, can't stop looking at glowing rectangles. I want to and I need to. I don't want to miss out on something. I'm one of the lost people. Are you? ------ I know you are--------- We all are!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I think therefore---What?

I think I may be dead. Maybe I was never born. Maybe I am just a thought existing in an illusion. How do I arrive at such a place in my thinking. Coincidence. I am being driven crazy by coincidence occurring ever more and more in my tiny life. I am just a little person; of no consequence in the big bad world really- why am I being targeted for these relentless coincidences? Why am I ahead of time all the time? When I say that I mean why am I doing some thing one day and the next it is thrown in my face? It's like it was prophesied by me the day before and now occurs. Why me? Am I going slowly mad? Probably!

My hungry ego seems to be enjoying it in a way. It makes me feel so special. Yes! That's it!!! I have special powers!!! What an amazing person I am. I just amaze myself sometimes. God has chosen me to be the man!!! This is the way I could go in my thinking and no-one would blame me. It's a matter of FIG JAM. " Fuck I'm Good; Just Ask Me" And this thought can go further: I could be, no, I am a great guru. That's it. I- am- a -wise- guru- with- special- God- given- powers. Look at me in awe people! Nyaa- ha---haaaaaa.

You can see why people go the way of the guru can't you? It's so easy. But let's face it we ain't that special. This society is set up to make us look at ourselves and when we do that we should always think positive. The example above is how thinking positive can and does go totally out of control. I mean- how do these self-proclaiming enlightened people get to where they say they're at. You know the ones? They sit there on a podium with thousands of devoted followers in awe of their ---their---- well--whatever they are supposed to be in awe of. Some guy up there on some stage with the right look of nothingness on his dial and he is the man. You know the ones. There are a million of them in India apparently.

Imagine being born and growing up just like the other kids and at some time in your life say to yourself- Ya know what? I reckon I've got special thoughts--- no special gifts---- no special powers even. I must be a magic man. I must be different and I should lead others to the higher meaning of things which only I know. I reckon when I grow up I will be a Guru. Yes that's it---a Guru.

Of course you have to have the most important skill. It's called bluff. You must bluff yourself and others. Yourself is easy- others can be difficult. You have to convince yourself first that you really are like this. Then you feel justified in sitting up there in front of thousands with your eyes in a dreamy glazed over sort of way and feel like you are really giving them something very very important. Something they don't know without you doing this thing of sitting up there with your eyes like that. The act becomes convincing because you have convinced yourself and so the followers follow. Sad.

Now where am I going with all this? I went off about those tricky little guru types out there. They truly annoy me in their pretentiousness. None of them are special. None. They are just people with no more or less knowledge of anything than you or I. That's it.

Well back to little me. I have no special powers. The shit that happens to me on a regular basis happens to everyone but the difference is I notice it and many don't. And even if they do they let it pass. Why do they let it pass? Most people have been desensitized by modern living. They are unexcited by everything really. Strange and coincidental things are a novelty for a moment in time; are unexplainable and are left to move on to washing dishes, cooking tea or paying the bills. Or the most important and time consuming one: how do I get that person to want me; to stay with me; to love me? There's no time to think in this life. We have things to do and certain things are considered pointless. Like thinking about weird stuff that happens to us all on a daily basis. Just let it pass. And the next time--- let it pass-- and the time after that--- let it pass. Ho-hum. Oh it happens to me all the time.

We are so full of ourselves. We are so busy------------- or asleep---(whilst we are awake that is)! The only difference with me to many of my fellow men; I don't let things just pass. I examine the minutiae. I am truly the Overthinking Man. And like everyone I have no answers to the strange coincidences and the odd events that happen to us which make us question our grip on reality and even reality itself. There are a lot of them too when you notice them. But I keep my eye on things. If I ever get the clues, as unlikely as it is, I will post them right here of course. So stay tuned.

So reality- I am watching you- you may be watching me-- but I am also watching you. In the words of Gandalf : You shall not pass!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Connection Con

I should keep my big mouth shut. Always getting into trouble for the things I say. I asked my daughter why every male that comes into a woman's life elicits the same reason for being accepted into said woman's bed. Here it is: "I felt a connection" Is this the same as attraction I asked and if so why not just say that the woman felt attraction? Well, I did get into trouble over that one. Her reply: " I will say what I like and don't put me down." and this really upset the whole applecart for most of our journey home today. I was in deep trouble. There was a shorted-out electric connection going on between me and daughter I can tell you. I felt the electic shock happening with that connection. Oh Yeah.

Connection. What's it mean? Is the male a sort of tube and he plugs into the woman? Is this the connection? Sorry to paint it so grossly but this is the sort of image that goes on in a fertile ( maybe slightly dirty) mind such as mine. Women use it to describe the reason they go there with a man. Attraction is nothing to do with it apparently. It's deeper than that. They don't wish to look cheap or something maybe? So they give it a sort of deeper inference by labeling attraction as connection. It's more like it is a religious experience and somehow more profound that way. It's less animal perhaps? It's not about getting down to some serious bedroom athletics it's a deep----------- connection.

I'm learning all the time. Keep your mouth shut is number one. Number two is never call something what it is but try and make it much more than what it is.

Yes. I think I've got it now.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


The movie was great for action and also in evoking pride in the difference it is to be human vs being machine. But let's face it- we really would prefer to be machines. Just imagine- never needing sleep. Being able to work non-stop. Being as productive as a machine. Knowing the answer as quickly as a computer. Not needing sex- well it's a great sensation but the urge is distracting us from work. Machines are all about work. We are all about avoiding work. What a perfect relationship we have with them. But we now face a future of being able to become part machine. And we already embrace it by having a computer.

So where am I going with this?

I like to be random. Machines are not good at random. They can pretend to be random with computers doing random number generation. But we humans are masters of randomness. We will also be totally unpredictable at times. Machines are always predictable if they are in good order. We can be in good order yet be totally unpredictable in our response to just about anything. And within our species we have gender. And the most unpredictable member of our species would be the woman. Women are the most human of human. They are the most difficult of all creatures. They operate magically I am sure. If you are with one you will know what I mean.

But here is another weird and wonderful thing about the modern world. If it comes to a choice between having wild sex with a woman or playing a kick arse computer game many will choose the game. Picture this: Woman lying in bed calling to boyfriend to come and do the thing. Man at machine battling some totally challenging monster on the computer/xbox/playstation thingy. The usual response is- he can't just yet. See the preference is a machine experience. Even the most enjoyable of human experience is rejected in preference to a machine experience.

We have been terminated and we don't even realise it.

Friday, June 12, 2009

The answer

This is from Wiki concerning why the universe is like it is:
  1. The absurd universe
    Our universe just happens to be the way it is.
  2. The unique universe
    There is a deep underlying unity in physics which necessitates the universe being the way it is. Some Theory of Everything will explain why the various features of the Universe must have exactly the values that we see.
  3. The multiverse
    Multiple Universes exist, having all possible combinations of characteristics, and we inevitably find ourselves within a Universe that allows us to exist.
  4. Creationism
    A creator designed the Universe with the purpose of supporting complexity and the emergence of Intelligence.
  5. The life principle
    There is an underlying principle that constrains the universe to evolve towards life and mind.
  6. The self-explaining universe
    A closed explanatory or causal loop: "perhaps only universes with a capacity for consciousness can exist." This is Wheeler's Participatory Anthropic Principle (PAP).
  7. The fake universe
    We live inside a virtual reality simulation

  8. This is from me
The answer as to how or why we exist should lay somewhere in the above lists 1 to 7. It could be a combination of all of them, one of them some of them. Note I say "should" because it may be that there is one we haven't thought of. What pisses me off is that this will be the answer. It's always like that. The bloody thing you don't think of is the answer and all those good ideas you put in are dead. Once you find the answer all the fails go straight into the bin.

The poor little things have nowhere to live. Everything should have a home in this universe; even false ideas need a home. Happily there is a whole generation of New Age idiots. They have given all the failed ideas a lovely home. And they keep them alive as well. Aren't they wonderful caring people?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Victoria leads

After yesterdays rant on the big brother scenario possibility posed by Google I will sound like a doomsdayer with this post as well today. I'm not really- it's just that there is so much shit going on at present. One either plays the ostrich or looks the beast straight in the eye. I prefer the latter.

As far as horrible apocalyptic stuff is concerned we seem to lead the world right her in little Victoria. We have drought more severe than anywhere else in the world. We have swine flu more than anywhere else in the world. We have bushfires. We have racial violence. We have violent crime on the rise in Melbourne CBD. All this to a background of global warming and economic meltdown. We got it all!

Why us now? I used to pride myself in living in the happy little state downunder where everything was cozy and safe and predictable. I even used to say you could always count on rain when you were planning an outdoor event. Now it's the opposite. Why us? Well, we've had it too good and we've taken everything for granted. We've lived like we are immune from trouble so it came looking for us. It's our turn people. Batten down the hatches!

What you gotta love though is the fantastic media in this state. They really try to warn us of every little thing. They advise us on how to cope with all these problems. So I'm gonna give you my tips on keeping safe here in Vic.

Get a rain water tank connected to your roof. Don't drink the water from it though coz it will kill you. Only drink bottled water. You need the water to fight fires with. Dig a friggin' great hole in ya back yard before summer. Load it up with provisions for a year just in case instead of a bushfire we get a nuclear attack (that could be next the way things are going). Wear a mask on your face and gloves on your hands at all times when not eating or wiping your bum or scrubbing your hands in disinfectant which you should do every hour. Don't see anyone and order your foood in- no take away- only food you can sterilize personally. Turn out the lights and go to bed till it's all over. Bed is the only safe place now in Victoria. Particularly if you are unfortunate enough to be Indian.

Anyway, if you have time after all this stuff you may want to consider doing botox. You want to go down looking good don't you?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For privacy stay primitive

Google knows me. Google knows you. If AI is going to happen it will happen somewhere in Google's network. Google will own AI. AI will be Google. And it or they know you very well. So if you want to be unknown from now on stay off the internet. It is probably too late though. They have enough on you already to really know you. It's too late! If you don't believe me read this

We are lining up people.One day there will be some kind of harvest. You can bet that it won't be good in intent or outcome. It will probably be the way the next major global war will happen. This may sound like paranoia. And it is. But some things are worth being paranoid over.

We are so caught up in the novelty of all this sharing thing we forget that it does not mean it is all good. There are equal and opposite forces at play in everything, this network included. And this technology has the chance of flipping one way or the other given this dual nature. One thing for sure is that if money is involved conscience takes a back seat.

We, the little people love the entertainment value of this aspect of our daily lives. We feel modern in using the latest technology. We feel aware. We feel clever. We feel smug in our cleverness. We have bolted the internet on to our minds and we feel more clever. Even stupid people like me, feel very clever now. We know all the facts. We don't really. We Google the facts and pretend that we know them.

Really we are self absorbed fools; full of our own self adoration. It takes all our effort to think outside ourselves and our needs. We may think we are really caring about others but really all our motivation is towards ourselves. It is the nature of us. It has been the way we have survived and thrived as a species over time. Wow! This is a dark post! But I have to let it out. Sorry. We the sleepers- must awaken. You start. I will catch up later. Snore.

The time is coming when some event will exploit this nature of ours. So far our reality has pandered to us. But it is growing very tired of us and our nature of incessantly taking and never giving. The planet itself is a sign of this.

So this mind trick that is called the internet is the perfect grounds for some boss super power glutton to take us all over. It may be AI based; it may be a brilliant dark person. Think Bill Gates but with a really bad agenda. Exploitation has been the way of things so far and I have no doubt the amplified possibilities presented by this technology which so effects us all will be the next big tool for exploitation. So far we are just being primed. The sowing has been done. The fertilizer has been spread. The crop is growing. Harvest is next.

I wonder if Google will be that end of times monster? You know its biblical name. Is it him? No. Well we better hope they are good because they are all powerful now and growing more so at a faster rate. They seem to be good. Just look at all the free stuff they are giving us all the time. They come bearing gifts. Do we trust that?

Monday, June 8, 2009

The perfect analogy to life

You know when you drop one of those saucepan lids on the floor and how it goes round and round making all that noise? And how it keeps circling on its rim and the noise of it seems to go on forever? And after what seems an intolerable amount of time it begins to subside in its motion and the noise starts to diminish until finally it goes down to a faint rattling sound. Then it stops completely- no motion- no noise Well this is my analogy to how we go in life.

We start making all this noise about what we are gonna do and we go round and round in circles making all this noise. It seems to go on and on when we talk about how we are going to rattle the world with our brilliance and our totally special gifts. And as we continue through life we still keep up the raucous call to attention as to how we are going to change everything by our mere presence alone. We fill the air with our battle cry and our bragging about what we are going to achieve.

Anyway you know how it all goes. I'm at the faint rattle before the end thing at present. I leave all the clamor to the youth and boy they are better at it than I ever was.

All this shows that humility grows as we go through life. And hey! Some people do actually shake the world in a big way. Most of us have our moments but achieve our real greatness in the smallest of things. Hence we are anonymous. I like it that way. I wouldn't wish to be a target for every nut on the planet.

Over 200 posts

I am prolific in my writing here. I don't do much in my life now. In fact, this is the only thing I do. Some may see this as sort of sad; others couldn't care less. But I do know that there are those in the big world who actually get paid to write shit like this and they do it with much less flair than I do here. Comes back to the old luck thing. I am lucky enough to not need to be paid to do what I do. I inflict it for free. And again- who gives a hoot. Well, I do.

This is where I get to use better words than "get". So here are a few that I rarely get to use but when describing the flavour of my writing they are truly appropriate.

Carp, carping, carpingly---- no it's not a fish - well it can be but not here. No one uses it but so many people are guilty of it. Carping is to find fault or complain querulously or unreasonably or characterized by fussy or petulant faultfinding. I'm an expert at picking the flaws in things but they really don't matter. All the complaining in the world won't change a thing. I just point them out in order to make my readers as uncomfortable in life as I am.

Irony. An old favourite. Many people use it but only do so to appear educated. I use it here in its incorrect meaning: I once had an irony type of bed but discovered it was brass. Simply, I use it to say the opposite from what I write. It's my way of hiding out from a full frontal attack. I can't let on that everything truly gives me the shits - can I? People would think I am a total arse. So I mask everything in irony. That way I think I get away from it by being funny- though I'm really not that funny am I ? Just tragic.

Quibble. To evade the truth or importance of an issue by raising trivial distinctions and objections. This is the big one. It's me all over. Yep. I'm a worked up little man who spends his time quibbling. This is so liberating for me- hope it's working for you- well, I don't give a shit really-- read it or not.

Here's a new one for me. Cavil to raise irritating and trivial objections. See? It's all to do with small, inconsequential and simply pointless crap that I write here. I hope you're not reading any more of it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


No sooner do I post that article on prophesy this morning than I receive a visit from a person I had not seen for several years. Guess what? He is a follower/devotee of some woman who claims to be a prophet/clairvoyant. See? This is the kind of crap I am putting up with. Consider the golf ball.

The worst part of chatting with this fellow is that for sake of good manners, one must remain silent through the delusional talk. The second worst part is watching his eyes glaze over when you try and input any kind of reality outside his perception of things. You can see the shutdown. Conversation is very difficult and in the end I just wanted him to go. Luckily dishes came to the rescue. Started rattling those pans and away he went. I love dishes. They save me every time.

Being nice is exhausting .


My daughter tells me that she doesn't want to be told how to do life she just wants to tell me all about the issues she is having. Fair enough. But after hour upon hour day upon day of issues being vented to me- it is difficult to not want some sort of resolve. I am not a particularly patient person. I'm ok at it but not like others. It is really impossible for me to keep my mouth shut. You may have noticed this here. And to be told by those young women around me to just shut up and listen is really too much to ask.

I am informed by my daughter that this is how women like to work. They want to share their problems, to have a sympathetic ear, to let out the bottled up thoughts in their heads. But they don't want any offers of reason for their problem. And most certainly they don't want to be advised of a solution to their problem. This is seen as interference or lack of sympathy or not shariing in the right way---------------

If this is the case ( I don't believe it for a minute) then men are amazingly different to women. It is probable that my sympathetic availability is attracting the people who like to bitch but don't like to decide. Time to be a " typical male" I think. Get them saying things like:
" Oh you never listen to me"-----
" You're never interested in my problems"-----
" I can't rely on you for help- you're male"-----
" You're so uncaring"----
" Oh you men- you just don't understand women"

Then I will get some peace so that I can just have my own mind driving me crazy instead of theirs and mine.

Prophesy month

2012 is approaching so the media are wheeling out all their crazy prophet docos. I have caught the bug too. It's nutty fun looking at the future. I have read all the futurist books. I started with Nostradamus back in the early 70's and built up my knowledge from there.And when I say knowledge- well, what a laugh---What knowledge?? There is really no knowledge to be gained from prophesying.

In the spirit of the whole thing though I will make a strong prediction. Cars will get faster and faster and speed limits will be lowered in direct ratio. Makes good economic sense for the government to continue going this way into the future. After enthusiastic do- gooder politicians have had their input over the next 10 years it's going to be really funny seeing cars that are capable of 500 km/h and a speed limit close to walking pace.

I reckon all prophets should put their gift to where it serves some purpose; such as giving us winners at the races. This may put some money where their mouths are- though I think not.

Lucky guessing is just that. Difference is one lucky guess and a bloke thinks he's a prophet even if he gets all other prophesies wrong- because of that one time he keeps giving it a go. These people are sorta like old rock stars I think. Get lucky once and it ruins their life. Lucky I have never been that lucky so I don't have anything so silly as fortune telling to have as my career. All I have to do, it appears, is keep spinning the circles I write about here. Summing up; we can see our future by looking at our past. We all end up at where we once belonged before we set off and end up at where we once belonged again and again and again ----------------. It just doesn't seem like that at the time.

Understood the golf ball yet?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Reality in a nutshell

All this overthinking has brought forth amazing insight. I am sure you will agree. I have arrived at a very happy place. The answer to all that there is and the meaning of life. I announce here that I am nearly at the stage of divulging the meaning of everything. At last! Though I'm not telling yet. I had to work hard to find it so you all can bloody well do the same.

You would be pleased to know that I have discovered it goes well beyond the relentless burden of housework. I have given away plenty of clues over the short time this blog has been in operation. Slowly I have groomed the reader into the correct perspective on our reality here on planet Earth. It is not the one fabricated by the intellectuals in our universities, by the clergy in our religious institutions, or by our leaders in society. It is the true purpose as set by all the elements on which our reality is based.

So ladies and gentlemen I present my first clue:

One day

One day. One day---sigh---One day ( I am daydreaming)

One day--- I will come out with something that means something to someone other than myself.

How come the bible did it?

History I guess. Or is it truly written by God? I can't agree to that belief ----yet. Maybe one day when I grow more of a brain or I am told the answer by some brainiac kid-- or God kicks my smart little butt-- but till then---no! I am at a loss to see what many people see. I have tried. It just doesn't have that impact on me. It's a great yarn but so were my 2 favourite books, Tolkein's Lord of the Rings and Herbert's Dune. Both also moved me more than the bible. They did this because they were better written books. They imparted the messages they contained about good over evil more clearly than the supposed word of God. How can that be?

I can't believe God would be so mysterious in His writings if He truly wanted to tell us how to be good. He is the best at everything. The bible seems---- too wordy---- too convoluted--- too hard to understand too puzzling-- too open ended--too philosophically Jewish---too plainly human. It contains the normal earmarks of man. It really feels like man. That's the way we write--not God surely?? Just look at the mess I churn out here every day. It goes round and round, it is full of contradiction and of personal and often false opinions. It relates to me and no-one else gets it. It goes nowhere and this is why hardly anyone reads it.

I could cover all this by saying- everything I write comes from God. This is because everything comes from God. Yep. That's how those Jewish people of the past got away with it. Very tricky.

Oh yeah! And here's the big circle in this post. The bible must be from God. No-one can understand it but everyone has heard of it or read it. Only God could do that. Not me. Now I get it. I'm sucked in people. Tripped up yet again by the circular nature of everything.

Don't you just hate me doing this?

Going to hell

Victoria, my home state, is becoming a very scary place to live. We have the threat of fire in the summer and swine flu in the winter. But what we are looking for is something to fill the other two seasons. We really only have half the year covered in terms of things to be afraid of.

I'm right into fear. I buy the scariest computer games you can find. Bioshock is my latest and it is really creepy. I take out the scariest books. I have just read the last chapter of Apocalypse 2012 and it was really scary. As I said yesterday- I only read last chapters- it saves so much time. But what I really like to do is read the news. This is the best. For someone like myself who is a fear junky- the news beats everything, hands down. For that perfect cold sweat fix we crave the news delivers.

Why do I love to be afraid? Well in a world of numbness, being afraid tells me that I am really alive. Plus it banishes the bullshit. People will believe anything and say anything when they are feeling comfortable. But as soon as you put the fear of God into them, they get suddenly very real.

So I feel real and alive just by being perpetually afraid. Isn't that wonderful? See? Every cloud has a silver lining. And yes. I am an idiot.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Round and round

If I look at life I feel like everything around me is round. We live our lives in orbits. Even if we wish it were not like this, we do. We live our lives like the planets around us. We like to think that we are on a journey which rolls out like a long rope in going forever outwards and onwards. We simply do not see that the rope leads back to the beginning.

Of course these circles of our existence can be very large or very small. Some people I know have very small circles. I am told by those movers and shakers I know that apparently some people they know ( and they themselves of course) seem to have lives so vast that they are limitless in their potential and possibilities. But, I believe these people are mistaken. I have not met anyone with a life like that nor have I felt this yet. My opinion follows from my recognition now that I am back at the beginning or where I was some 30 years ago, my orbit is small to moderate but still a circle. I keep it that way or it is kept that way- either way, it's outside my orbit to experience such knowledge.

The most overwhelming aspect to this theory of mine is that it is really our mind that is in the loop. We go over an over the same things time and again. We do this and we are powerless to stop it. Adding to this, the outside world of our existence seems to be synchronized to our mind. Our mind doesn't even allow for us to escape the loop because even the most chaotic of environments cannot break the hold it has on keeping us in our totally circular state.

We are literally in a spin and it's the spin we're in.

I could have finished this little rave with the last line. But I am going to drag it out. I will do this because I want you to see something which you may have missed.

All of my posts are circular. Read back and you will see that they all wind their way back. Everything I write shoots off on some unknown trajectory only to return and to bite me on the bum. See! It is doing it right here!

Some may see the things I write as unanswerable musings. I see them as unanswerable circles. And this my friends is how I see life and death for that matter. One big or little circle in one vast universal circle

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why write?

Silence everyone.
I am writing.

Few people I know can string more than simple words together. Well, it is either this or they simply don't have the time. How many times have we heard it. I dont have the time. Well bloody hell people if you don't have the time what the bloody hell do you have?

My take on time: If you are so busy in your life that you can't even reflect on your day in some meaningful way-if this is you then you are not living- you are merely existing.

Keep your busy lives. They are more like busy deaths.

Overthinking Man meets his match

I'm in trouble now. I had been happily blasting away at this blog sending many a broadside concerning life with daughter. Well it's payback time for me. Daughter has started her retaliatory blog entitled Daughter of Overthinking Man.

I'm in trouble now. I'm in real trouble now. I may have to run for the hills- Oh. I'm already in the hills. Well I'm in real trouble now. Nowhere to run/nowhere to hide.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Useless words

Some words can make a non-resolving statement. Here is an exercise in using a word in such a way as to make it useless.

"It's like- A bigot labeling a bigot, a bigot."

Since by nature we all are bigots- to a certain degree- then the use of the word is virtually impossible to justify.

Just to refresh your memory:
Bigot: noun
a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

It was easier then.

Whilst I am on the subject of know-it-all kids referred to in yesterday's posting I should also talk about my own childhood. I should do this so I don't appear as just another old grouch hanging it on the kids of today.

It was much easier when I was a kid. We had our place. That was being a kid. We were supposed to be busy doing kid things. And we did keep ourselves busy. The emphasis here is keep ourselves busy.

These days parents or some electronic thing like TV or PC are inside their kids heads, the whole time. If they are not being fed what to do at any given moment well, they don't know what to do. They have lost the ability to entertain themselves. They don't know how to sandbox their lives of entertainment like we had to do.

In the 50's the world was a place where you could keep things simple. This works well for kids. They don't have to concern themselves with much and this is the best way to play your days through and grow. But it's different today. Play must be more like a commitment to be productive . You should learn from your play so parents have placed this agenda in just about everything a kid does. And if its not that it's about exercise or some other good for you thing. Plus all the play has to be very very very safe. No risk. Of course we don't want harm befalling our children- but it's gone so far now that a lot of play has become totally sterile.

My mother was the perfect mother. She cut me loose in the backyard and left me to it. She got out of my hair.She left me alone to do the things only I knew that I must do in my days. She didn't hover over me, keeping me busy- she didn't interfere. She was so wise that she knew this was the way I liked it. No- interference.

I am the same now. I refuse to work for anyone. The thought of some arsehole telling me what to do in my days is insufferable to me. The thought of a boss- forget it! No-one is good enough to boss me around. I'm better than everyone. I know more than everyone. So how could I possibly allow someone to boss me around. See how good the leave kids to themselves method works.?