Friday, June 19, 2009

Break out

Yesterday I did a little rave on Attention Span. In it I used sex as a trigger to get attention. It was a bit of fun that hid the particular thing I really wanted to share. Today I will be semi-serious for once.

We really do have some kind of strangeness going on in our lives. This involves the phenomenon called coincidence. Through this we seem to witness a very real effect on what happens in our future even if we are not deliberately taking action to have what happens actually happen.

There are two kinds of coincidences. Simply there are the big ones and there are the little ones. Gee! That's Earth shattering isn't it? But wait--- The big ones are rare. They may make the news and globally people marvel at them. The little ones are common, daily in fact, but still have the effect of keeping us guessing as to when we will experience them. As I have said before- you simply have to be aware and you will notice these puzzling strangelets.

Now, strangelets is not a word. But I have used it. I could have used oddities but that was too mundane for the importance and grandeur of these little occurences. So I have used the term used by physicists- strangelets. In physics strangelets are probably strange matter so I will use it in literature as a : Strangelet noun. an event of strange matters. Good eh?

Strangelets are events that once they occur you can see a connection ( yes the old connection word again) to something you were in some way involved in in the past which would seem to have predicted or even actually created the physical input you are receiving at the time. Things such as seeing something you thought about just moments before you saw it- that sort of thing. What people don't realize is this thing- the strangelet- is as common as the air we breathe. It occurs all the time and many people just notice a few of them others like me become so overwhelmed with how common it is that we are almost obssessed with it.

Some have said to me that it is a gift. I don't think it is a gift. I think anyone can actually involve themselves in witnessing strangelets in their daily lives. But here is the thing that makes what I do different from everyone else that I know. I have totally dropped my bundle as far as following a "normal" life like most people bury themselves in. I have stepped out, mainly because events have put me here. I won't go into this- no need. Anyway part of this odd way I exist is to involve myself in free flowing flights of consciousness or maybe it is rather--- imagination. I have the time to do this. I stopped the rush to keep money flowing in to pay the bills and I stopped coping really. I stopped and just allowed myself to live. I gave in. I surrendered. I grew tired of constantly worrying about whether I would survive monetarily, emotionally even physically to a degree. This does not mean I stopped caring for myself and that the bills aren't building up. The opposite. For once in my life I actually cared for myself. More than I had ever done in the past. The bills? Well, they will always be there but if I work it right I should be able to bail out just at the right time by dying just as they get unmanageable Ha Ha. Good plan.

I won't go into the various aspects that caused and also allowed this to happen. I won't go into whether I think this is a good thing or a bad thing neither. It's just where I find myself due to a series of events. And this is exactly what strangelets do. Life truly is a series of beyond co-incidences called strangelets. But they have a purpose. I have no basis on which to state this- but it feels like a purpose. It appears there is an intelligence behind our reality. I call it God. You can call it as you wish. Now I have probably totally freaked everyone. But I call it God. Get over it. I--- call ---it ---- God. There is no other answer. If there is----tell me--- tell me now!

The truly weird thing in many people's attitude ( those I know anyway) is that they think if you come out with this then you are:
a/ mad
b/ simple
c/ delusional
d/ defeated
e/ Religious ( The others I can handle this one is my worst nightmare)
e/ all of the above

And above all-- they have happily read all my crap up until now; but now I have totally lost them. Too bad- how sad!

Oh yeah and the other big difference is: I do stuff that allows the strange stuff to happen. I am an artist. I write it- I draw -or I paint it- then it happens--- yep--- I've lost it haven't I? I think not. I've found it people. Creation.

We think our reality. It's simply that. We think our reality!!!!

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