Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I spent $700 on a new outfit . This is not the way I operate. Something went wrong. I caught some kind of strange virus obviously. And so did a large crowd of people I was amongst the other night. They had all spent way too much money on their appearance too. Money that many of them simply didn't have I bet.

It's really an odd world. We struggle along complaining about the cost of things and suddenly we lose it entirely and throw money at some useless expensive item of clothing. This is never so evident as it is at the famous debutante's ball ( or should I say infamous).

The gear these young people, particularly the girls, poke themselves into is totally useless for anything but a wear once occasion. The gown can't even be saved for later use as a wedding gown apparently. I think it could but it seems there is a difference.

Anyway they strap the artifice on, spend all day prissying up to march down an aisle for about 30 seconds as a statement to the world. I am not sure what the statement is. It may be: I'm a total bloody idiot who is totally into spending huge money on how I look. Or, stuff all the rest of ya I'm the prettiest of them all---See?

Anyway I spent my $700 on my clobber. Yes I'm an idiot. And do you know what? There is not one photo of me in my finery. I sat there in a daze only moving to clap my hands together at all those wonderful young people strutting their stuff. It was all about them. As it should be. You see, no matter how much people my age spend all eyes are on youth. and their eyes are on themselves.

Cruel life!

I take some consolation in the fact that the piles of dishes are waiting for them. They too will be standing at their kitchen sink remembering their 30 second strut down the aisle to obscurity. Such is the aging process.

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