Saturday, June 6, 2009


No sooner do I post that article on prophesy this morning than I receive a visit from a person I had not seen for several years. Guess what? He is a follower/devotee of some woman who claims to be a prophet/clairvoyant. See? This is the kind of crap I am putting up with. Consider the golf ball.

The worst part of chatting with this fellow is that for sake of good manners, one must remain silent through the delusional talk. The second worst part is watching his eyes glaze over when you try and input any kind of reality outside his perception of things. You can see the shutdown. Conversation is very difficult and in the end I just wanted him to go. Luckily dishes came to the rescue. Started rattling those pans and away he went. I love dishes. They save me every time.

Being nice is exhausting .

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