Monday, June 15, 2009

The Connection Con

I should keep my big mouth shut. Always getting into trouble for the things I say. I asked my daughter why every male that comes into a woman's life elicits the same reason for being accepted into said woman's bed. Here it is: "I felt a connection" Is this the same as attraction I asked and if so why not just say that the woman felt attraction? Well, I did get into trouble over that one. Her reply: " I will say what I like and don't put me down." and this really upset the whole applecart for most of our journey home today. I was in deep trouble. There was a shorted-out electric connection going on between me and daughter I can tell you. I felt the electic shock happening with that connection. Oh Yeah.

Connection. What's it mean? Is the male a sort of tube and he plugs into the woman? Is this the connection? Sorry to paint it so grossly but this is the sort of image that goes on in a fertile ( maybe slightly dirty) mind such as mine. Women use it to describe the reason they go there with a man. Attraction is nothing to do with it apparently. It's deeper than that. They don't wish to look cheap or something maybe? So they give it a sort of deeper inference by labeling attraction as connection. It's more like it is a religious experience and somehow more profound that way. It's less animal perhaps? It's not about getting down to some serious bedroom athletics it's a deep----------- connection.

I'm learning all the time. Keep your mouth shut is number one. Number two is never call something what it is but try and make it much more than what it is.

Yes. I think I've got it now.

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