Tuesday, June 9, 2009

For privacy stay primitive

Google knows me. Google knows you. If AI is going to happen it will happen somewhere in Google's network. Google will own AI. AI will be Google. And it or they know you very well. So if you want to be unknown from now on stay off the internet. It is probably too late though. They have enough on you already to really know you. It's too late! If you don't believe me read this

We are lining up people.One day there will be some kind of harvest. You can bet that it won't be good in intent or outcome. It will probably be the way the next major global war will happen. This may sound like paranoia. And it is. But some things are worth being paranoid over.

We are so caught up in the novelty of all this sharing thing we forget that it does not mean it is all good. There are equal and opposite forces at play in everything, this network included. And this technology has the chance of flipping one way or the other given this dual nature. One thing for sure is that if money is involved conscience takes a back seat.

We, the little people love the entertainment value of this aspect of our daily lives. We feel modern in using the latest technology. We feel aware. We feel clever. We feel smug in our cleverness. We have bolted the internet on to our minds and we feel more clever. Even stupid people like me, feel very clever now. We know all the facts. We don't really. We Google the facts and pretend that we know them.

Really we are self absorbed fools; full of our own self adoration. It takes all our effort to think outside ourselves and our needs. We may think we are really caring about others but really all our motivation is towards ourselves. It is the nature of us. It has been the way we have survived and thrived as a species over time. Wow! This is a dark post! But I have to let it out. Sorry. We the sleepers- must awaken. You start. I will catch up later. Snore.

The time is coming when some event will exploit this nature of ours. So far our reality has pandered to us. But it is growing very tired of us and our nature of incessantly taking and never giving. The planet itself is a sign of this.

So this mind trick that is called the internet is the perfect grounds for some boss super power glutton to take us all over. It may be AI based; it may be a brilliant dark person. Think Bill Gates but with a really bad agenda. Exploitation has been the way of things so far and I have no doubt the amplified possibilities presented by this technology which so effects us all will be the next big tool for exploitation. So far we are just being primed. The sowing has been done. The fertilizer has been spread. The crop is growing. Harvest is next.

I wonder if Google will be that end of times monster? You know its biblical name. Is it him? No. Well we better hope they are good because they are all powerful now and growing more so at a faster rate. They seem to be good. Just look at all the free stuff they are giving us all the time. They come bearing gifts. Do we trust that?

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