Saturday, June 6, 2009


My daughter tells me that she doesn't want to be told how to do life she just wants to tell me all about the issues she is having. Fair enough. But after hour upon hour day upon day of issues being vented to me- it is difficult to not want some sort of resolve. I am not a particularly patient person. I'm ok at it but not like others. It is really impossible for me to keep my mouth shut. You may have noticed this here. And to be told by those young women around me to just shut up and listen is really too much to ask.

I am informed by my daughter that this is how women like to work. They want to share their problems, to have a sympathetic ear, to let out the bottled up thoughts in their heads. But they don't want any offers of reason for their problem. And most certainly they don't want to be advised of a solution to their problem. This is seen as interference or lack of sympathy or not shariing in the right way---------------

If this is the case ( I don't believe it for a minute) then men are amazingly different to women. It is probable that my sympathetic availability is attracting the people who like to bitch but don't like to decide. Time to be a " typical male" I think. Get them saying things like:
" Oh you never listen to me"-----
" You're never interested in my problems"-----
" I can't rely on you for help- you're male"-----
" You're so uncaring"----
" Oh you men- you just don't understand women"

Then I will get some peace so that I can just have my own mind driving me crazy instead of theirs and mine.

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