Friday, June 5, 2009

Going to hell

Victoria, my home state, is becoming a very scary place to live. We have the threat of fire in the summer and swine flu in the winter. But what we are looking for is something to fill the other two seasons. We really only have half the year covered in terms of things to be afraid of.

I'm right into fear. I buy the scariest computer games you can find. Bioshock is my latest and it is really creepy. I take out the scariest books. I have just read the last chapter of Apocalypse 2012 and it was really scary. As I said yesterday- I only read last chapters- it saves so much time. But what I really like to do is read the news. This is the best. For someone like myself who is a fear junky- the news beats everything, hands down. For that perfect cold sweat fix we crave the news delivers.

Why do I love to be afraid? Well in a world of numbness, being afraid tells me that I am really alive. Plus it banishes the bullshit. People will believe anything and say anything when they are feeling comfortable. But as soon as you put the fear of God into them, they get suddenly very real.

So I feel real and alive just by being perpetually afraid. Isn't that wonderful? See? Every cloud has a silver lining. And yes. I am an idiot.

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