Friday, June 19, 2009

Idle hands

The devil makes use of idle hands. My grandmother used to say this. She lived to just 2 weeks off 100 years. A very good innings indeed. The wonderful woman was a true gem of intelligent thought. I believe that she has coined the reason for me overthinking. The devil has made use of my idle hands and I sit here typing all this stuff as though it actually means something. As if it means anything. For all this typing, nothing has come that is truly to be considered enlightened discussion.

You see I am just like everyone else in that I really bring nothing new to the table. It's just rehashed old concepts based on my own experiences. I hope that a bit of laughter may come from it. That is my only purpose. Really the stuff I write is just so I can justify owning this fancy typing device and sitting for hours on the internet. The devil you see, is making use of my idle hands. If this is the case, I hope you enjoy his writing.

It's a good thing I don't believe in a devil. I may feel very bad if I did. And this brings me to another bit of overthinking. Why are we so trapped in fears?

Here are the facts as I see them:

Every day we are fed a constant stream of fear inducing dialogue.

This has been the case since we became sentient.

Even our parents filled us with some kind of fear-mainly for our protection of course.

We like the diet of fear that we live on. We read news that terrifies us and we are hungry for more. We watch horror entertainment. We like death defying experiences. We like that fear produces adrenaline.

We create myths which threaten us for eternity like the concept of Hell.

We go above and beyond the usefulness of fear as a way of avoiding danger.

And may I say- we seem to be growing more and more fearful with every passing day as a society.

I know why this is so. It is because as we know more we fear more. Because we are exponentially growing in our knowledge so too is the fear.

We are beginning to see the many many ways we can be harmed. We never knew there were so many threats did we?

Well now we do. So my idle hands are not idle because I escape all this fear by keeping them feverishly typing all this bullshit.

Do you feel nice and scared now? You know there is a lot to fear because I do so much typing.

What drug or procedure or whatever do you use to escape your fear?

Oh. And by the way- the devil does exist and it is called fear. And therefore I do believe in the devil. How's that for a great loop? Don't I drive you mad? That's the sign of overthinking. The constant loop in dialogue. It's also a sign that I am the most indecisive person on the planet. I should have been a politician.

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