Monday, June 1, 2009

It was easier then.

Whilst I am on the subject of know-it-all kids referred to in yesterday's posting I should also talk about my own childhood. I should do this so I don't appear as just another old grouch hanging it on the kids of today.

It was much easier when I was a kid. We had our place. That was being a kid. We were supposed to be busy doing kid things. And we did keep ourselves busy. The emphasis here is keep ourselves busy.

These days parents or some electronic thing like TV or PC are inside their kids heads, the whole time. If they are not being fed what to do at any given moment well, they don't know what to do. They have lost the ability to entertain themselves. They don't know how to sandbox their lives of entertainment like we had to do.

In the 50's the world was a place where you could keep things simple. This works well for kids. They don't have to concern themselves with much and this is the best way to play your days through and grow. But it's different today. Play must be more like a commitment to be productive . You should learn from your play so parents have placed this agenda in just about everything a kid does. And if its not that it's about exercise or some other good for you thing. Plus all the play has to be very very very safe. No risk. Of course we don't want harm befalling our children- but it's gone so far now that a lot of play has become totally sterile.

My mother was the perfect mother. She cut me loose in the backyard and left me to it. She got out of my hair.She left me alone to do the things only I knew that I must do in my days. She didn't hover over me, keeping me busy- she didn't interfere. She was so wise that she knew this was the way I liked it. No- interference.

I am the same now. I refuse to work for anyone. The thought of some arsehole telling me what to do in my days is insufferable to me. The thought of a boss- forget it! No-one is good enough to boss me around. I'm better than everyone. I know more than everyone. So how could I possibly allow someone to boss me around. See how good the leave kids to themselves method works.?

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