Friday, June 5, 2009

One day

One day. One day---sigh---One day ( I am daydreaming)

One day--- I will come out with something that means something to someone other than myself.

How come the bible did it?

History I guess. Or is it truly written by God? I can't agree to that belief ----yet. Maybe one day when I grow more of a brain or I am told the answer by some brainiac kid-- or God kicks my smart little butt-- but till then---no! I am at a loss to see what many people see. I have tried. It just doesn't have that impact on me. It's a great yarn but so were my 2 favourite books, Tolkein's Lord of the Rings and Herbert's Dune. Both also moved me more than the bible. They did this because they were better written books. They imparted the messages they contained about good over evil more clearly than the supposed word of God. How can that be?

I can't believe God would be so mysterious in His writings if He truly wanted to tell us how to be good. He is the best at everything. The bible seems---- too wordy---- too convoluted--- too hard to understand too puzzling-- too open ended--too philosophically Jewish---too plainly human. It contains the normal earmarks of man. It really feels like man. That's the way we write--not God surely?? Just look at the mess I churn out here every day. It goes round and round, it is full of contradiction and of personal and often false opinions. It relates to me and no-one else gets it. It goes nowhere and this is why hardly anyone reads it.

I could cover all this by saying- everything I write comes from God. This is because everything comes from God. Yep. That's how those Jewish people of the past got away with it. Very tricky.

Oh yeah! And here's the big circle in this post. The bible must be from God. No-one can understand it but everyone has heard of it or read it. Only God could do that. Not me. Now I get it. I'm sucked in people. Tripped up yet again by the circular nature of everything.

Don't you just hate me doing this?

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