Monday, June 8, 2009

Over 200 posts

I am prolific in my writing here. I don't do much in my life now. In fact, this is the only thing I do. Some may see this as sort of sad; others couldn't care less. But I do know that there are those in the big world who actually get paid to write shit like this and they do it with much less flair than I do here. Comes back to the old luck thing. I am lucky enough to not need to be paid to do what I do. I inflict it for free. And again- who gives a hoot. Well, I do.

This is where I get to use better words than "get". So here are a few that I rarely get to use but when describing the flavour of my writing they are truly appropriate.

Carp, carping, carpingly---- no it's not a fish - well it can be but not here. No one uses it but so many people are guilty of it. Carping is to find fault or complain querulously or unreasonably or characterized by fussy or petulant faultfinding. I'm an expert at picking the flaws in things but they really don't matter. All the complaining in the world won't change a thing. I just point them out in order to make my readers as uncomfortable in life as I am.

Irony. An old favourite. Many people use it but only do so to appear educated. I use it here in its incorrect meaning: I once had an irony type of bed but discovered it was brass. Simply, I use it to say the opposite from what I write. It's my way of hiding out from a full frontal attack. I can't let on that everything truly gives me the shits - can I? People would think I am a total arse. So I mask everything in irony. That way I think I get away from it by being funny- though I'm really not that funny am I ? Just tragic.

Quibble. To evade the truth or importance of an issue by raising trivial distinctions and objections. This is the big one. It's me all over. Yep. I'm a worked up little man who spends his time quibbling. This is so liberating for me- hope it's working for you- well, I don't give a shit really-- read it or not.

Here's a new one for me. Cavil to raise irritating and trivial objections. See? It's all to do with small, inconsequential and simply pointless crap that I write here. I hope you're not reading any more of it.

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