Monday, June 8, 2009

The perfect analogy to life

You know when you drop one of those saucepan lids on the floor and how it goes round and round making all that noise? And how it keeps circling on its rim and the noise of it seems to go on forever? And after what seems an intolerable amount of time it begins to subside in its motion and the noise starts to diminish until finally it goes down to a faint rattling sound. Then it stops completely- no motion- no noise Well this is my analogy to how we go in life.

We start making all this noise about what we are gonna do and we go round and round in circles making all this noise. It seems to go on and on when we talk about how we are going to rattle the world with our brilliance and our totally special gifts. And as we continue through life we still keep up the raucous call to attention as to how we are going to change everything by our mere presence alone. We fill the air with our battle cry and our bragging about what we are going to achieve.

Anyway you know how it all goes. I'm at the faint rattle before the end thing at present. I leave all the clamor to the youth and boy they are better at it than I ever was.

All this shows that humility grows as we go through life. And hey! Some people do actually shake the world in a big way. Most of us have our moments but achieve our real greatness in the smallest of things. Hence we are anonymous. I like it that way. I wouldn't wish to be a target for every nut on the planet.

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