Saturday, June 6, 2009

Prophesy month

2012 is approaching so the media are wheeling out all their crazy prophet docos. I have caught the bug too. It's nutty fun looking at the future. I have read all the futurist books. I started with Nostradamus back in the early 70's and built up my knowledge from there.And when I say knowledge- well, what a laugh---What knowledge?? There is really no knowledge to be gained from prophesying.

In the spirit of the whole thing though I will make a strong prediction. Cars will get faster and faster and speed limits will be lowered in direct ratio. Makes good economic sense for the government to continue going this way into the future. After enthusiastic do- gooder politicians have had their input over the next 10 years it's going to be really funny seeing cars that are capable of 500 km/h and a speed limit close to walking pace.

I reckon all prophets should put their gift to where it serves some purpose; such as giving us winners at the races. This may put some money where their mouths are- though I think not.

Lucky guessing is just that. Difference is one lucky guess and a bloke thinks he's a prophet even if he gets all other prophesies wrong- because of that one time he keeps giving it a go. These people are sorta like old rock stars I think. Get lucky once and it ruins their life. Lucky I have never been that lucky so I don't have anything so silly as fortune telling to have as my career. All I have to do, it appears, is keep spinning the circles I write about here. Summing up; we can see our future by looking at our past. We all end up at where we once belonged before we set off and end up at where we once belonged again and again and again ----------------. It just doesn't seem like that at the time.

Understood the golf ball yet?

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