Friday, June 5, 2009

Reality in a nutshell

All this overthinking has brought forth amazing insight. I am sure you will agree. I have arrived at a very happy place. The answer to all that there is and the meaning of life. I announce here that I am nearly at the stage of divulging the meaning of everything. At last! Though I'm not telling yet. I had to work hard to find it so you all can bloody well do the same.

You would be pleased to know that I have discovered it goes well beyond the relentless burden of housework. I have given away plenty of clues over the short time this blog has been in operation. Slowly I have groomed the reader into the correct perspective on our reality here on planet Earth. It is not the one fabricated by the intellectuals in our universities, by the clergy in our religious institutions, or by our leaders in society. It is the true purpose as set by all the elements on which our reality is based.

So ladies and gentlemen I present my first clue:

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